Why Is This Hudson Mohawke Song From 2011 Going Viral For The Strangest Reason?

Hudson Mohawke, a DJ, has become a global meme as a result of a man’s strange sexual admission on Reddit.

There is a good possibility that you haven’t heard of Scottish DJ Hudson Mohawke unless you are very into EDM. However, just because you haven’t heard of him doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate this absolutely weird story about one of his songs.

The DJ-Producer known as Hudson Mohawke, whose real name is Richard Birchard, debuted with the release of a song titled Cbat in 2011. Up until very recently, most people were unlikely to be familiar with this particular piece of music.

That is no longer the case, and you can credit Reddit, of all places, for it. A man made a highly personal confession about his sex life with his girlfriend of two years on the “Today I F**ked Up” subreddit on Reddit. The man’s girlfriend has been with him for two years.

The 25-year-old said he was “a little stiff and pretty much had no idea what I was doing.” when he first started being sexually active. He then read that listening to music while he was intimate might help with his rhythm. So he did his research, and as you might expect, Hudson Mohawke’s song made it onto his sex playlist. However, his girlfriend despises this music.

Here is the song for the benefit of anyone who is reading this who has never heard it before; and let’s just say, it’s not exactly something that we can see going down too well between the sheets.

People are trying to imagine what it would be like to make love while this song was playing because the man’s confession went viral, which led to the song itself becoming a trending meme and blowing up on literally every social media platform. However, the song is blowing up the most on TikTok, where people are trying to imagine what it would be like to make love while this song was playing.

Even Hudson Mohawke has caught on to this trend, and he has started tweeting links to many of the internet’s most hilarious videos and memes as a result.

Following last week’s EDM Twitter drama between Getter and Excision, this gives much-needed levity.