Producers and DJs, pay attention, because TIDAL has announced some new DJ-centered platform integrations. According to the company’s plans, subscribers will have access to exclusive artist-curated playlists, which will include finished tracks, instrumentals, and acapella recordings, all of which will be organized by BPM. As an example, some of the newly added playlists include “Afrobeats Hits 100-110 BPM” and “DJ Tools: Classic rap Instrumentals,” the latter of which is brimming with “old-school hip-hop beats that DJs can scratch and blend with flair while putting together a mix.”

TIDAL subscribers who pay $10 per month or $20 per month for hi-fi sound quality will have immediate access to these additions. Furthermore, TIDAL has introduced a self-integrated DJ software, which provides some genuine value to the playlists created by users themselves. DJUCED, Hercules’ beginner DJ software, as well as Edging Mix, a user-friendly mobile mixer, will be included in the platform’s future expansion.

TIDAL is making strides in the right direction, offering everything that major DSPs offer, and now some additional features. Learn more about these DJ-specific integrations by visiting this page.

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