DJs for Climate Action (DJs4CA) has announced a new vision for the electronic music industry, one that is greener, fairer, and more innovative by the year 2030. This is referred to as “Future Vision,” and it is being delivered in conjunction with a set of ideas for how we can get there.

A sustainable industry is defined by four key pillars: touring and connection; venues and events; economic and income model; and self-awareness, transparency, and influence. The vision outlines the values, beliefs, and actions that must be adopted in order to make the transition to a sustainable industry.

Green travel riders, longer guest residencies in foreign cities, an industry certification scheme for sustainably operated venues and events, stronger local and regional programming, greater community ownership of physical and online spaces, and donating or investing a percentage of income into green and social causes are just a few of the recommendations.

It was created in collaboration with DJs from various continents and backgrounds, including Biomigrant and Eli Soulclap, Jinku, Lola Villa, Louisahhh, Mr. V and Peter Power, through a series of workshops facilitated by a sustainability non-profit organization called

In the beginning, the data came from a survey that was conducted at the end of 2020 and received responses from more than 170 DJs around the world, including Lauren Flax, Nicola Cruz, Sam Feldt, Sander Kleinenberg, and Thugfucker, among many others.

At an event called Undercurrent, which took place last week in New York and featured 11 original and immersive audiovisual art installations created by artists such as Bon Iver, Grimes, and others aimed at inspiring positive impact on the Climate Crisis, the vision was unveiled.

The next step is to engage the industry, which DJs4CA intends to do in part by collaborating with the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) and A Greener Festival, as well as the DJs4CA community that gathers on their dance floors all over the world to support the cause.

More information on Future Vision can be found here.

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