Instead of selecting from a list of pre-programmed audio tracks or apps to relax to, SOUL allows you to “compose” your own relaxing music.

The speaker, also known as an ambient sound generator, has eight sliders on the top that allow you to control eight different sound effects, ranging from alpha waves to raindrops, the sound of a crackling fireplace, bells, birds, and more. Simply adjust the sliders to select the sounds you want, and the SOUL will blend them together to create a relaxing soundscape that is completely unique to you.

The SOUL ambient sound generator was created with a specific goal in mind: to transport you to your personal Zen haven. It has a pure white minimalist form factor, with eight tactile sliders on the top and ambient lighting at the base of the speaker. It does not require you to connect to your Wi-Fi network, it does not come with an app, and it does not have Bluetooth… Its sole purpose is to assist you in calming down, rather than inundating you with features, trackers, and paid subscriptions. You can customize your soundscape by using the sliders at the top of the screen, which are shaped like tactile spherical sliders. You can choose between different sounds and adjust the volume of each sound.

If you wanted to, you could simply play with the sliders and transport yourself (through sound) to a quiet forest with birds, or a beach, or even a mountainside with waterfalls or the wilderness during a rainstorm. The eight sliders allow you to customize your sound, which can assist you in focusing, de-stressing, meditating, or even falling asleep. An additional feature is the ability to set a timer to automatically turn off your SOUL after 30/60/90 minutes of inactivity, and an ambient blue light (calibrated at a relaxing 450nm) that helps you easily drift off to sleep at night.

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The SOUL works in a similar way to a white noise machine (or even your sleeping/relaxing app), and it is small enough to fit on your bedside table. Neither the speaker’s design nor its interface are intended to be complicated or distracting, and its control panel is limited to an on/off button, volume controls, a clock, a light switch, and the speaker’s eight sliders as a result. The SOUL is equipped with two high-quality audio drivers as well as a passive radiator, resulting in crystal-clear, full-range sound. If you want to use the Zen speaker with headphones, it has a 3.5mm audio input on the back, which is conveniently located near the USB-C port that powers the speaker. This device costs $99 and comes with a 2-year warranty. Unlike your sleep-app, the SOUL does not require any monthly or annual subscription fees.