Compared to the Xbox Series X and Series S, the current-generation PlayStation ranks significantly higher in terms of hotness than the previous-generation PlayStation. The PS5’s flowing design, combined with those futuristic cues, has made it a favorite of hardcore gamers who are particular about the appearance of their gadgets. The sales figures also indicate that Sony’s gaming console is nearly 5.4 million units ahead of the competition, with total sales in the last 13 months reaching 15.28 million units. During this time period, the Xbox Series S sold a total of 9.84 million units worldwide.

It goes without saying that we are looking forward to the release of the next successful gaming console by Sony, which is expected to be released in 2026. The development of the PlayStation 5 began in 2015, and the device is scheduled to be released in November 2020. The PlayStation 6 has already begun development, and we can safely assume we will have another hit on our hands when it is released. While we have no idea what the final design of the Sony gaming console will be, this concept by She Yin gives us a good idea. Although the designer considers it to be a practice for the PlayStation 5 console concept design, this is an excellent opportunity to assume the design of the PS6 console as well.

The concept design, which is more akin to a turntable, is reminiscent of the design aesthetics of the old PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles. We’re going back to the more geometric form factor, but this time with significantly larger vents, which are attributed to the improved thermal cooling system. When the gaming console is released in the near future, it will have the same nostalgic feel as the original PlayStation because the game disk will slot in right at the top, just like the original PlayStation. Minimalism appears to have taken precedence in this case, as the console has an all-white or all-black form factor, with only the elements that are necessary. The connecting ports and power toggle button are located on the front of the device, allowing you to get started with the gaming action without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

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