Manila DJs and MCs: Saving the World One Black Outfit at a Time

Have you ever been to a night-out and noticed that almost all Manila DJs and MCs are dressed in black? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, this trend is so popular that it’s become a bit of a uniform for Manila’s nightlife scene. But why do they love to wear black so much? Here are some of the reasons we uncovered:

The Power of the Color Black

Black is an imposing color that exudes strength and can be taken to mean something serious and mysterious. The glitzy world of the nightlife scene is the ideal setting for a hue that conjures up a certain amount of refinement and elegance, and this particular shade does just that. DJs and MCs in Manila are aware that black is not only a timeless color that is never going to go out of style, but it also happens to be a color that looks very appealing on all different kinds of body shapes.

Manila DJs and MCs

Black for me is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy, but mysterious. You can wear black at any time, you can wear it in any age and you may wear it in almost any occasions. But basically, i wore black because i liked it. Thats it plain and simple – RVP Ft. MJ Collarga


For many DJs and MCs, wearing black is also a way to establish their identity. When they’re on stage, they want to be recognized as part of the electronic music scene, and black clothing is a way to achieve that. It’s like a uniform that identifies them as part of a group, and it also helps them stand out in a sea of people.

The Practicality of Black

But it’s not just about looks. Wearing black is also practical, especially for long gigs that require DJs and MCs to be on their feet for hours. Black clothing doesn’t show sweat as easily as lighter colors, making it easier for performers to maintain a cool and collected appearance on stage. It also allows them to move around more easily, which is important when you’re trying to work a crowd.

Manila DJs and MCs

I feel strong if i wear black as always. I can’t explain eh im more confident and the swag is always there if im wearing black. And For me personally i wear black kasi “pawisin” talaga ako so pag naka black ako hindi masyado kita na im wet look haha….jabar ako lagi kaya hindi ako masydo nag ssuot ng ibang color specially gray whahaha – MC/DJ Gino Sobreviñas


Another reason why DJs and MCs love to wear black is that it allows them to focus on what really matters – the music. When they’re dressed in all black, they’re not distracted by flashy clothing or accessories. Instead, they can focus on their performance and connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Manila DJs and MCs

They may see black as a plain color but for me it’s a powerful yet a comfy color for me. Being a DJ requires energy to perform and wearing black adds up a character whenever we move. I love wearing it because for me, less is more – Jade Dee

So there you have it – the reasons why DJs and MCs in Manila love to wear black on gigs. It’s a combination of style, practicality, and identity. But perhaps most importantly, it’s a way to stay focused on what really matters – the music. So the next time you attend a gig in Manila, take a closer look at what the DJs and MCs are wearing. Chances are, they’ll be dressed in all black and ready to rock the house.

Featured image: MC Boo and DJ Ron Poe at Ciso’s.


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