It is anticipated that the NFT will be purchased or sold, and that each independent artist will be compensated for their efforts. Each NFT depicts the DistroKid mascot, which can be customized with more than 300 characteristics. Each NFT’s appearance, including their hair, expression, eyewear, clothing, and other characteristics, is distinct. Each DistroKid mascot is also holding the album cover of a participating musician, which is displayed on the back of his or her head.

The collection draws inspiration from the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is available for purchase. Similarly to the BAYC, each DistroKid NFT will have a unique URL dedicated to that NFT where buyers will be able to listen to the music of the artist in question. For each artist, we provide a space in which they can write about their music, explain what makes it unique, and offer special perks to NFT owners.

Buyers found out today which NFT they received. Each ‘Sellout’ costs $60, and collectors are allowed to enter as many times as they want. Nifty Gateway was chosen as a partner by DistroKid because it accepts payment in both cryptocurrency (ETH) and fiat currency (USD) (credit cards). More than 13,000 people registered to take part in the first drop, which resulted in the DistroKid Sellouts being completely sold out.

Several collectors are now reselling their NFTs for as little as $71, according to the latest reports. Since the collection’s debut on Nifty Gateway, the collection has sold for an average of $83. Only 2.38 percent of the DistroKid NFT collection is currently for sale, despite the fact that there are 2,126 unique owners of the NFTs.

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