Dat New Tune on the Block — Let’s Talk About It HOEST!

We have known HOEST for a considerable amount of time, and during that period, we have witnessed a constant progress on his part in terms of the creative capacity of his craft. After starting off as a DJ, he moved on to become a music producer, and now signed under the record label, AFTER THE NOON. From throwing parties to releasing music and starting a movement. HOEST and the rest of the After The Noon gang can’t afford to take a break at this time.

We are ecstatic and proud to be able to preview his song TALK ABOUT IT before its official release on July 8, 2022. The track’s orotund voice and dynamic vibe had us dancing around the office. So, for this week’s preview, we have HOEST answering some questions about his new song.

Talk About It is the name of a tune that will be released by you this coming Friday, July 8 under After The Noon Records. Where did you get the inspiration, what kind of feeling are you trying to evoke, and what was the creative process behind like?

During the first phase of writing lyrics with vydd, we had this feeling that when we play this track in the club, people would want to start making out and that was our gut feel. When vydd and Lesha started going back and forth with their writing process, it all just came together. Personally, if you ask me, who doesn’t want to feel love or attraction in that given moment.

Talk About It is reminiscent of a rendezvous-an attraction that, like the song itself, echoes long past the evening.


What was it like to collaborate on the vocals with the incredible Lesha and Vydd? Two distinct tones, with Vydd adopting a lower register and Lesha emphasizing a fuller harmony, more luscious sound.

Working with these two rising artists has been a blessing for me. I’ve had separate conversations with Lesha and Vydd during the pandemic about the possibility of making music together. After producing this track with Sev, I had to sit down with my thoughts and analyze who would be the perfect fit. Fast forward and here we are releasing this track. Now it’s your turn to ‘Talk About It’.

Since you are a DJ as well as a producer, I was wondering if this music of yours is something that you would want other DJs to play. Will there be remixes of Talk About It in the future?

I am definitely open to the idea of having other producers remix this track. That is why we make music in the first place, to share it to the world and let people enjoy it. I would be honored if other DJs play this track like my previous ones. I truly believe this track would make people dance in any given setting.

We are grateful that you provided us with the opportunity to listen the tune in advance. Speaking of that, will there be other tracks as well as other collaborations in the near future?

Thank you also for this interview and yes, I have more collaborations coming up in the near future but for now I leave you all with this and it’s up to you guys to ‘Talk About It’.

Hear it live for the first time on Thursday, July 7, at HQ Poblacion, which is co-presented by Heineken. Special performances will be given by HOEST, Vydd, and Lesha, along with a few surprises..


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