10 New Ways Your Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Can Boost Your Music Production Skills!

Are you a music producer and a gamer looking for ways to simplify your music-making process? Look no further than your dependable gaming peripherals! That’s right, your gaming keyboard and mouse are no longer just for gaming. Here are ten ways that gaming peripherals can assist you in making music in your DAW:

1. Programmable Macro Keys – Gaming keyboards frequently include programmable macro keys that can be configured to perform specific actions within your DAW. This means you can program shortcuts for tasks such as starting and stopping recording, switching between tracks, and triggering virtual instruments. Some gaming mice include programmable buttons that can be used for similar purposes.

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2. Gaming keyboards and mice frequently include customizable lighting effects that can be used to provide visual feedback during music production. The lighting can be used to indicate the status of a track or instrument, as well as to provide visual cues for different sections of a song.

3. Quick Access Media Controls – Some gaming keyboards and mice include quick access media controls, which can be useful for controlling playback, volume, and other media-related functions in your DAW.

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4. Mechanical Switches – Many gaming keyboards and mice employ mechanical switches, which can provide a more tactile and responsive typing or clicking experience. This is especially useful when working on musical compositions or adjusting effects settings.

5. Key Rollover – Many gaming keyboards have key rollover, which means that multiple key presses can be registered at the same time. When playing virtual instruments or triggering samples, this can be useful. This feature is also available on some gaming mice, allowing you to trigger multiple samples or effects with a single click.

6. Customizable Keycaps – Some gaming keyboards include customizable keycaps, which can be useful for labeling keys or personalizing the appearance of your keyboard. Similarly, some gaming mice allow you to swap out the mouse feet for different types of surfaces, which can improve the glide and precision of the mouse.

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7. Ergonomic Design – Many gaming peripherals are ergonomically designed, which can be beneficial when working on music for long periods of time. Wrist rests, adjustable feet, and contoured shapes can all help to reduce strain and increase comfort.

8. Anti-Ghosting – Anti-ghosting is often included in gaming keyboards, which means that key presses will not be ignored if you press too many keys at once. This is useful when playing complex chord progressions or triggering multiple samples at the same time. Similarly, some gaming mice have high polling rates and low latency, ensuring that your clicks and movements are registered as quickly and accurately as possible.

9. Durability – Because gaming peripherals are designed to withstand the wear and tear of intense gaming sessions, they are likely to last longer than a standard keyboard or mouse. This can be especially useful if you spend a lot of time working on music.

10. Price – When compared to dedicated music production peripherals, gaming peripherals can be surprisingly affordable. This means you can get a keyboard and mouse with a lot of features without breaking the bank.

Finally, gaming peripherals can be a useful tool for music producers due to their customizable features, ergonomic design, and durability. While dedicated music production peripherals may provide more specialized features, gaming peripherals can be an excellent choice for those on a tight budget or seeking a multi-purpose solution. Consider a gaming peripheral for your music-making needs the next time you’re in the market for a new keyboard or mouse!

*Macro customization varies as per brand and software. In 2023, most mainstream gaming devices will include dedicated software for programming key inputs and lighting. Unless you choose a lesser-known brand that is dependent on VIA/QMK.


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