Reddit User Converts an Old PC Keyboard into a Midi Controller

Reddit user u/xpercipio transformed their computer keyboard into a MIDI controller that is entirely powered by USB and is compatible with the operating systems used by MAC computers as well as Windows computers.

The keyboard, which the user xpercipio built and gave the name ‘xp120,’ was constructed out of a total of 120 keyboard switches. These switches have been uniquely arranged in 12 rows of 10, according to this design.

xpercipio has designed it such that each switch activates a note, and each row is colored in black and white so that it can be identified from the others. The first column contains the letter C, followed by C#. E and F are the two white columns that are located adjacent to each other.

They state that they are playing ‘the maverick’ from native instruments, which is performed with a randomised velocity range ranging from 70 to 80 in the video, which shows them utilizing the MIDI controller in conjunction with a piano.

Xpercipio asserts that the midi keyboard is a teensy-powered midi board that makes use of cherry mx clear switches. They have a tactile quality to them when touched. Because the springs are stronger than the ones he used to, to him it makes his experienced feel like linears, despite the fact that they are also tactile.


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