Top 3 DJs in the Philippines This Month

Observing the nightlife industry in the Philippines during the month of September 2022 has been an eye-opening experience for us. We are not here to judge who is the best, but we will share what we have discovered while observing the scene each month. It is safe to say that nightlife has been thriving despite the pandemic, thanks to the fact that there are a plethora of established and new DJs spinning across the country. This list makes no mention of the musical styles they perform or the organizations to which they belong. Nonetheless, this is only our collective impression.

The following are our picks for the best three DJs from the Philippines who deserve to be included, in no particular order, with consideration given to their work ethic, attitude, skills, and identity.


The way we see it, Hoest is a very committed and dedicated machine. He’s been consistently elevating his game, from DJing left and right around the entire Philippines to obtaining endorsements from all different sorts of brands to releasing a tune under After The Noon. As kind of a result, we believe that he should receive the recognition that he is due for all of the hard work that he puts in, to the extent that he may serve as an example for the DJs of the future. You won’t want to miss him performing a special set at Love Ya Fest on October 8th, back to back with John Odin!


Jade Dee, like Hoest, has been stepping up their game in the nightlife scene, from gigging left and right on a regular basis to performing at major events. Obtaining brands to represent, that is, brands that believe in her abilities and professionalism. We can see her effort and confidence, and she clearly understands where she’s going. One thing is certain: she is sexy, and some have criticized her for exploiting her appearance to secure bookings in the industry. That’s not the case; she’s extremely gracious to everyone, including the waiter, bouncer, and fellow artists, and she also has the ears and skills to play.


We’ve previously featured Kobeast as one of the Philippines’ emerging artists, but this time he caught our attention for his hard work and the variety of music he plays for diverse audiences. He’s doing very well for a novice DJ in the nightlife scene, from playing almost every night to establishing Aggressive Media, a collective that strives to promote and stage different evenings in Poblacion.

We are not here to pass judgment, but we are here to recognize all of the skills that exist in the Philippines, and having this list is a pleasure for us because it allows us to exhibit all of these talents. Keep an eye out for our next issue featuring the top three DJs in the Philippines at the end of each month. If you have any suggestions for who the top DJs are, please share them with us on our Facebook page. Tell us everything, we’re really interested!


Hey, I'm a music producer, DJ, and event curator for BASS N' BACON, and run a record label. I can speak English, Tagalog, and Bisaya, and I enjoy writing about music and culture. Whether it's through my music or writing, I bring a unique perspective and lots of experience to every project I do. Thanks for checking out my work!

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