Institute Of Sound: The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Learning How to DJ

The Institute of Sound blazes a trail as Manila’s premier DJ studio, melding technical expertise with hands-on flair to meet the surging demand for skilled DJs in the Philippines’ dance music phenomenon.

Dance music has become a major cultural phenomenon in the Philippines, with a growing demand for skilled DJs who can keep the crowds on their feet. In response to this trend, the Institute of Sound has emerged as a premier DJ studio in Manila, offering a one-of-a-kind teaching style that combines technical instruction with hands-on experience.

At the heart of the Institute of Sound are four veteran DJs: Travis Monsod, Miko Zerda, Pete Chin, and Jade Dee. With years of experience working in the Manila nightlife scene, they have joined forces to create a dynamic and innovative curriculum that prepares the next generation of Filipino DJs for success.

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Miko Zerda

One of the key strengths of the Institute of Sound is its focus on Travis’ 3P fundamentals: Practice, Perform, and Produce. Rather than simply teaching the technical aspects of DJing, the studio emphasizes all aspects of the craft, encouraging students to develop their own unique style and sound. This approach has proved to be incredibly effective, as evidenced by the success of the students Travis have mentored before, they have gone on to play at some of the most popular clubs and festivals in the Philippines and abroad.

But what sets the Institute of Sound apart from other DJ institutions is its hands-on teaching style. Instead of learning in a classroom, students have the opportunity to shadow their instructors in an actual club setting, getting a firsthand experience of what it takes to be a successful DJ. This one-of-a-kind teaching style sets the Institute of Sound apart and prepares students for the real world challenges of the industry.

The Institute of Sound’s comprehensive education platform covers everything from music theory to performance techniques, providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success. Certification will also be offered soon as the team plans to have their programs certified by Government departments like TESDA and other software related. By elevating the overall standard of DJing in the Philippines, the studio is helping to create a new generation of skilled and knowledgeable DJs who are prepared to take on the challenges of the industry.

With instructors like Monsod, Zerda, Chin, and Dee leading the way, the Institute of Sound is in a strong position to continue blazing trails in the world of DJ education in Manila and beyond. Their passion for passing on their knowledge and skills to the next generation of DJs ensures that the school will continue to be a game-changer in the world of DJ education.

Overall, the Institute of Sound is a premier DJ studio that is changing the game in the world of DJ education. Its focus on practical skills, creativity, and innovation, combined with a hands-on teaching style that allows students to learn in an actual club setting, sets it apart from other DJ institutions. With its experienced and passionate instructors leading the way, the Institute of Sound is preparing the next generation of skilled and knowledgeable DJs for success in the competitive world of music.

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