DCFER: The Manila DJ Blending Beats and Brushes to Create Masterpieces of Sound and Color

Harmonizing art and beats, DCFER’s visionary fusion of DJing and acrylic art creates an enigmatic force that shines brightly as a luminary in the realm of artistic expression, captivating audiences far and wide from Manila.

DCFER, a multi-talented artist hailing from Manila, has captivated audiences with his unparalleled creative prowess that extends far beyond the boundaries of music. Combining his passion for DJing and his mastery of acrylic art, DCFER has emerged as a visionary force, making waves in the artistic landscape through his ability to seamlessly blend diverse artistic mediums. His enigmatic DJ performances and captivating paintings have solidified his position as a luminary in the realm of artistic expression.


When it comes to his DJ performances, DCFER effortlessly incorporates his artistic vision, imbuing every song he selects with a certain vibe that resonates with the emotions driving his work on specific art pieces. This transcendent connection between his DJ sets and visual art allows him to redirect the energy to his audience, ensuring a profound and engaging experience. Moreover, when afforded the opportunity, DCFER elevates his DJ sets by utilizing trippy visualizers, adding an extra layer of mesmerizing visuals that perfectly complement the sonic journey he creates.

One of the standout moments in DCFER’s career was his unforgettable performance as a DJ at 88Rising’s Heads In The Clouds in Manila. This transformative experience unfolded with astonishing swiftness, as DCFER received confirmation from his booker a mere three days prior to the event. Initially contemplating attending the event as an eager audience member, his trajectory swiftly shifted when the management of the artist he was scheduled to perform with recognized his talent and invited him to join their ranks. As the event drew closer, a WhatsApp group chat was established to facilitate communication and planning among the artists. DCFER found solace in the fact that the technical team at Head in the Clouds possessed an unwavering commitment to excellence, providing all the necessary support and equipment tailored to each artist’s unique requirements. While there was limited rehearsal time due to the intricate logistics of the event, DCFER was awe-struck by the electrifying energy of the day-one performance. Notably, he expressed profound gratitude to JinxZhou for granting him the opportunity to open Head in the Clouds Manila, a moment that evoked both exhilaration and trepidation. The fulfillment of his lifelong dream to shout, “What’s up Araneta!” reverberated through his being as he stood on the stage at SM festival grounds, introducing himself as a Manila DJ. The profound connections forged during this performance, including the receipt of a direct email from 88Rising’s management, left him overwhelmed with emotion and appreciation for the blessings bestowed upon him as an artist. Collaborating with other Asian artists on such a grand stage proved to be a humbling experience that fueled his aspirations to partake in the future Head in the Clouds event in Los Angeles.


DCFER’s DJing journey commenced in 2009, initially serving as a diversion and hobby. At the time, he was a published professional photographer, engrossed in a project centered around the legendary Embassy Super Club. It was within the pulsating atmosphere of this iconic venue that his fascination with DJing was ignited. Witnessing these legendary DJs skillfully weave house music into a tapestry of sonic enchantment sparked a profound connection within him. He found himself transported to a realm where storytelling took on an entirely different art form, one that resonated deeply with his innermost being. As he stood behind the decks, capturing the essence of those performances through his photography, he couldn’t help but envision himself seamlessly blending sounds, delivering euphoria to eager crowds. The allure proved irresistible, setting him on a course that would forever alter his artistic trajectory.

In 2017, DCFER’s journey took an unexpected turn as he discovered his latent passion for visual art. This revelation coincided with a period of immense stress and anxiety, as he ventured into the realm of opening a restaurant in Cabanatuan City. Seeking a creative outlet and therapeutic respite, he found solace in picking up a brush, a canvas, and a set of oil paints. Initially devoid of any grand plans or objectives, his foray into painting began as an exploration—an avenue to revel in the pure joy of creation. The abstract nature of his early works allowed him to embrace a free-flowing process, devoid of preconceived notions or constraints. Mixing colors became a parallel experience to mixing music, as he injected his own touch and personality into each stroke. Patience became paramount, ensuring he didn’t overexert or stifle the inherent unpredictability that drove his artistic expression. DCFER’s paintings became immersive experiences, imbued with emotion and an undeniable connection to his audience. Much like a DJ set, his art had to elicit a response, to stir something within the viewer; otherwise, it risked being nothing more than paint on a surface devoid of meaning. The symbiotic relationship between painting and DJing emerged organically, allowing him to explore different mixes and embrace an abstract form of musical expression.


A notable endeavor in DCFER’s artistic journey is Project Collab Manila. What began as a humble venture in club hosting and event curation has blossomed into a platform for producing their own events and establishing brand partnerships. With the support of corporate partners, Project Collab Manila has diversified its repertoire, expanding into various projects and events. DCFER’s artistic endeavors find solace and support within this collaborative framework, allowing him to unleash his creative prowess and offer fresh perspectives to the organizations he collaborates with. This symbiotic relationship between Project Collab Manila and DCFER not only fuels his personal artistic growth but also grants him the freedom to make impactful artistic decisions that resonate with the organizations he engages with.

When examining the shared qualities between painting and DJing, it becomes evident that creativity serves as the thread binding them together. Both art forms enable DCFER to balance his energy, facilitating a constant exchange between artist and audience. Each DJ set, much like a painting, possesses its own vibrant or serene characteristics, depending on the mix and the emotions channeled. The approach he takes with his artwork mirrors that of his DJing, allowing for both pre-planned and spontaneous expressions. Composing a commissioned painting may involve a carefully calculated set of brushstrokes, akin to a meticulously crafted setlist. Conversely, a showcase set or a passion performance evokes the abstract nature of his paintings, offering a free-flowing exploration that defies conventional boundaries. By embracing a mindset of artistic freedom and thinking outside the box, DCFER consistently produces awe-inspiring creative outputs across various platforms and art forms.

DCFER, Heads in the clouds - Midnight Rebels

Looking toward the future, DCFER envisions a grand merger of his DJing and art painting, manifesting in collaborative projects and awe-inspiring performances. While he has already embarked on a few art pop-ups accompanied by DJ sets, his ambitions extend far beyond these initial endeavors. A burning desire resides within him, yearning to orchestrate a massive spectacle, a seamless fusion of art and music on an unprecedented scale. The collective efforts of fellow artists are eagerly sought, as together they strive to transcend artistic boundaries and forge a transcendent experience that will leave a lasting imprint on all who witness it. Currently, DCFER is channeling his creative energies into the development of vinyl artwork that not only serves as a vessel for his music but also stands as a remarkable piece of art in its own right—a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and blurring the lines between creative disciplines.


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