Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the number of digital concerts has increased. Artists, labels, and productions have set up shows in warehouses and empty venues to film and broadcast to fans all over the world since the start of the pandemic last year. However, while it has worked for a variety of acts, whether they were free or ticketed, and has undoubtedly helped keep many people out of despair, there are still those who yearn for something more.

The days when things were more exciting, when you could mosh and feel the thrill of the crowd raising the electricity in the air, are remembered fondly by a large number of people these days. That’s why the wonderful people at Sansar have created a number of digital worlds that you can enter to experience the future and what concerts could be like in the future.

Similar to the Sims, except instead of reticulating splines and running around in your everyday life, you’re out there to virtually party with your favorite artists and friends in real time. And by “party,” we mean defying all of the laws of physics in the name of good times.

According to Sam Distaso, Vice President of Business Development at Sansar, live music is the largest market in terms of live events because it stands to gain the most from the phenomenon. As he explains, “Every festival production is trying their hardest to make you feel immersed in what they’re doing, to bring you the visuals because the audio and the music is always so great and that’s what’s going to lead it.” “We have the natural advantage in Sansar that the laws of physics do not apply to us. Thanks to this additional level, we can take audiences on previously unimaginable journeys, allowing them to become completely immersed in the music during any concert.”

With the goal of becoming the spiritual successor to the virtual world ecosystem Second Life, digital entertainment developer Linden Lab anticipated the rise of gaming and its move into the mainstream. They began by creating Sansar from the ground up, starting with its own engine and platform and ending with its own render. Sansar was quickly transformed into a platform for live events.

“We want to provide service to anyone who wants to host an event in this digitally immersive environment,” Distaso explains further. “Any brand or promoter has the opportunity to participate in this digitally immersive space; they have the opportunity to own the venue, customize the venue, and use it again and again for ongoing use.”

As a bonus, Sansar alleviates the geographical and capacity constraints that would otherwise exist for a real-life concert or world tour (considering that some world tours do not cover every country on the planet). The ability to host millions of music fans to participate in an event without having to physically be present is enabled by Sansar’s ability to bring concerts to VR, PC, and mobile platforms. The platform also includes interactive sponsor booths, income generation for artists, and merch booths, amongst other amenities.

In addition to opening up a whole new creative landscape for fans to explore, it isn’t just limited to music. There are a variety of events that can be held in Sansar, including comedy shows, eSport tournaments, community get-togethers, and even speaker and corporate events. According to Distaso, “We’re here to provide the tools and the technology platform to allow them to come in with their own attendees, fans, or employees where they can do it on their own terms, they can do it exactly how they want, and they can have that sense of ownership.”

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