Mogwaa and Jesse You, two producers and longtime friends, have launched a brand new independent label in Seoul. Walls and Pals, a record label that was founded in August of this year, aspires to be a label that, in addition to the obvious goal of finding quality tunes, also aims to highlight the creative process of the artists it signs.

The first artist to release music on the label is Korean DJ and producer ACIDWORK, who has released his debut album Pure Elements…. The seven-track album was created not using production software, but rather with a variety of electronic music hardware, and it is certain to pique the interest of any fan interested in learning more about their favorite artist’s craft. For fans to fully comprehend the ACIDWORK’s creation, they must first become familiar with instruments such as the RS7000 groovebox, JV-1080 sound module, SH-101 and Alpha Juno-1 synthesizers, all of which were used in the production of this album. As a matter of fact, the artistry on this album was a major inspiration for the creation of the label in the first place.

“We were aware that ACIDWORK has a plethora of incredible tracks, and we wanted to showcase those tracks in a different context. Following that, we came up with the idea of establishing a label, which is now known as Walls and Pals.”

‘Pure Elements…’ is an ACIDWORK production in which the artist forces himself into a restricted zone in order to extract the “maximum sound” from a minimal setup. The Seoul-based producer used hardware as his primary tool to amplify presence in each sound segment, thereby infusing his own energy into the overall piece of work.

ACIDWORK began producing in 2015 and has since become a prominent figure in the Seoul music scene as a producer. Pure Elements… is the producer’s first EP, released after more than a decade of live performances and marking the beginning of a new era for the artist. The EP is a compilation of tracks from the producer’s back catalogue.

The beauty of minimal music has always been in retaining only the elements that are necessary to move people. Through the use of these seemingly standard hardware instruments, ACIDWORK created something out of the “box” inside the “box,” he is “mixing and messing around” with the purest elements of sounds and reinterpreting hardware instruments, and he is reinterpreting hardware instruments.

Pure Elements… is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Club Modeci in Seoul will host a party on September 26th to commemorate the occasion. After the event, merch will be available for purchase on Bandcamp, which will be launched shortly after.

The album Pure Elements… by ACIDWORK was released on August 21 through Walls and Pals.

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