CLOT revisits its core music ideals, which are also anchored in their namesake, while also embracing their common collaborative thread of linking cultural aesthetics from the East and West.

In its original form, CLOT was influenced by Jamaican reggae culture and terminology, where they relied on the life energy of blood to create their music.

“The rhythm of a heartbeat is similar to music in that it is everyone’s beat, everyone’s being. Our heart pumps blood, and our blood circulates throughout our body. It’s similar to the process of creating music and art, which is essentially a natural part of human nature. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Bang & Olufsen and embark on a product development adventure with them. This is the initial stage, and we expect to have a slew of additional items in the future.” Edison Chen, the company’s Founder and Creative Director, explains.

Designed to represent blood cells and the creative energy they convey, the Beosound A1’s aluminium grill surface has been painted a vibrant metallic crimson to represent the blood cells and the creative energy they carry. An additional benefit of the striking red hue is that it pays homage to the auspicious meaning that it carries in Chinese heritage and culture.


The Beosound A1 is the perfect portable speaker for a sumptuous gathering, thanks to its True360 omnidirectional sound and eye-catching appearance. It doesn’t shy away from deep, low tones for an intimate good time, and it doesn’t sacrifice quality for portability. The Beosound A1 is fully dust and waterproof, and it can play music continuously for up to 18 hours. It also has a Multipoint feature, which allows two devices to connect and control the music at the same time.

And if life throws you a curveball from time to time, the Beosound A1 speakerphone delivers crystal clear voice calls thanks to its speakerphone capabilities, while Bluetooth 5.1 and three internal microphones ensure the greatest connection for online meetings and hands-free talks.

After a successful introduction in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, the CLOT x Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 will be available for purchase at JUICE stores in Shanghai, Taipei and Taichung as well as Beijing, Chengdu, and Guangzhou starting on December 12. More information can be found on CLOT’s Instagram page.

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