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Over the weekend, we received an email from a concerned DJ who shed light on a pervasive issue within the industry. It seems that it’s not just venue owners but also managers in charge of the nights who tend to overstep their boundaries (this also happens in festivals). We all know that a good party is a collaboration from DJs in crowd reading to bartenders awesome cocktails, but when those in power let their egos take over, the result can be disastrous. In the email, we’ve got a tale to tell about a recent gig in Poblacion, Makati that uncovered a classic DJ dilemma: venue owners who just can’t resist being backseat DJs.

We’re all familiar with the undeniable talent of DJs in the Philippines, who possess the remarkable ability to read the crowd and curate the ultimate playlist. However, when venue owners or management at certain clubs in the Philippines start interfering with their sets, chaos can ensue. Let’s dive into why it’s important to trust your DJ, even if you’re the owner or the manager, and respect their craft—unless things go totally off the rails and the beats don’t match the vibe.

Respect the Craft

While venue owners and managers have a vital role in ensuring a successful event, it’s crucial for them to respect the craft of the DJ. Just like venue owners, managers are responsible for the smooth running of the night. However, it’s important to remember that the DJ is the one creating the musical journey, and connecting with the crowd. Owners and managers should trust the DJ’s expertise and allow them the freedom to work their magic. By supporting the DJ’s vision, they contribute to an environment where the music flourishes.

Unfortunately, there are instances when venue owners and managers let their personal behavior overshadow their professionalism. Take, for example, a venue owner who had one too many drinks and started yelling at staff or directing the DJ to play or change the entire playlist. This kind of behavior not only disrupts the DJ’s flow but also ruins the reputation of the venue. It’s crucial for owners, managers, and staff to maintain professionalism throughout the night, creating a positive environment for everyone.

Open Communication and Respectful Boundaries

To foster a successful collaboration, open communication and respectful boundaries are paramount. Owners, managers, and DJs should establish clear lines of communication before the event, discussing expectations, music format, and any specific requirements. By setting these guidelines in advance, everyone involved can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Moreover, it’s crucial for owners and managers to respect the DJ’s creative process during the event, avoiding unnecessary interruptions that can hinder the DJ’s ability to connect with the crowd.

DJs in crowd reading

DJ Drey, a prominent DJ, recently opened up about an unfortunate encounter with a local bar owner. Recounting the incident, he shared,

“The owner constantly nagged me, to the point where her drink spilled on my DJ controller. Her reasoning? She was pressuring me to play the specific songs that partygoers had PAID HER for.”

To create a positive collaborative atmosphere, venue owners, managers, and DJs should foster a sense of mutual respect, understanding, and teamwork. By acknowledging and appreciating each other’s roles, everyone can contribute their expertise to create an unforgettable night. This includes owners and managers supporting the DJ’s vision, DJs respecting the guidelines set by the establishment, and open channels of communication that encourage constructive feedback and problem-solving.

Finding the delicate balance between trusting the DJ and maintaining professionalism among venue owners, managers, and DJs is crucial for a successful night. Owners and managers should respect the craft of the DJ and provide an environment that allows their talent to shine. In turn, DJs must come prepared and maintain professionalism throughout their performance. By fostering open communication, setting respectful boundaries, and addressing unacceptable behavior promptly, we can create a collaborative atmosphere that ensures an incredible night of music, enjoyment, and unforgettable memories.

Before we wrap up, we gotta drop a quick disclaimer for all the DJs out there. While venue owners should respect your craft and let you work your magic, it’s important for you to be prepared as well. We’re not saying you can just slack off and expect everyone to bow down to your skills. Nah, it doesn’t work like that.

As a DJ, you gotta come to the gig ready to rock the crowd. Be on top of your game, know your audience, and bring the beats that will make us lose our minds. It’s your responsibility to keep the party alive and create an unforgettable experience. So, take the time to perfect your playlists, practice your transitions, and always be ready to adapt if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Remember, it’s a two-way street. Venue owners should respect your expertise, but you gotta deliver the goods too. So, keep hustlin’, stay passionate about your craft, and always strive to give us an epic night we won’t forget.

The featured image has been edited for dramatic effect and presentation purposes. The original photo of DJ Drey is credited to Aksi.


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