Foreign Customers Threaten Filipino DJ’s Set

We recently received an email from a Filipino DJ, who, for his own safety, wished to remain anonymous, recounting a disheartening experience he had. The DJ’s passion for music and dedication to his craft led him to share his story with us, shedding light on an unfortunate incident with foreign customers that unfolded on June 10 in Mandaluyong.

The DJ eagerly accepted an opportunity to showcase his talent at a local bar, expecting it to be another night of excitement and music. Arriving prepared with a carefully curated playlist and an open mind for song requests, he was ready to give his all to entertain the crowd. Little did he know that this gig would test his patience and professionalism in unforeseen ways.

As the DJ began his set, a group of foreign customers, approached him with a specific request for Indian/Hindi music. Regrettably, his playlist did not include any Indian tracks. However, fueled by his commitment to customer satisfaction, the DJ assured them that he would play the song if it was available.

Fortuitously, the DJ found the requested Indian songs and skillfully incorporated it into his set, receiving positive reactions from the crowd. He was ready to transition into his prime set, considering the intimate nature of the bar, which could accommodate around 50 guests.

However, the evening took an unexpected turn when a flood of song requests, with the customer shoving their phones in his face, demanding tracks from YouTube, all while he was in the midst of his set. Surprisingly, the same group of customers returned to the stage, demanding that their songs be played immediately. With utmost politeness, the DJ explained that he was still in the middle of his set and promised to fulfill their requests once he finished.

If I have it, I will gladly play it for you

Unfortunately their persistent demands began to make the DJ uncomfortable. They pressed him for a specific time when their songs would be played, and he informed them that he still had an hour left in his set. Frustration escalated as they resorted to threatening him, claiming they would leave if their requested songs were not met. Secretly, the DJ wished they would follow through on their threat. Seeking to avoid a scene, he made the difficult decision to pause his set and plugged his phone into the mixer, playing their requested songs through Spotify.

With the immediate issue resolved, the DJ sought out the manager of the bar to address the situation. Disappointingly, he discovered that the manager had already left, leaving him without a proper authority figure to turn to for support. Feeling somewhat adrift, he confided in the bouncer, who approached him with kindness and genuine concern. Calmly, the DJ recounted the events, hoping for guidance or resolution.

To his dismay, the foreign customers denied his version of events, twisting the narrative to question why he had halted his set if they had mistreated him. Bewildered by the false accusations and hurt by the questioning of his professionalism, the DJ found himself at a loss for words.


Adding to the turmoil, an employee of the bar publicly berated the DJ, accusing him of causing a scene and requiring the bouncer’s intervention to calm him down. Confused and wounded by these baseless allegations, the DJ pointed out that he had merely been answering questions and engaging in conversation with the bouncer. The employee then summoned him to a semi-private room, claiming managerial authority, and accused him of threatening customers and expressing a desire to leave. Caught off guard and unable to respond to the hurtful words that lingered in his memory, the DJ found himself dismissed by the employee, who arrogantly asserted that he was not a famous DJ and ordered him to leave immediately.

The DJ wishes to emphasize that he was a guest DJ at the bar, deserving of respect and dignity rather than such blatant disrespect. With seven years dedicated to perfecting his craft, he deserved recognition for his commitment and professionalism. Furthermore, the meager compensation of 1,500 pesos per night for a four-hour playtime added insult to injury.

Handling Challenging Customer Interactions

  1. Keep your cool and remain composed throughout the situation.
  2. Clearly explain your position and limitations to the customers.
  3. Reach out to the venue staff for assistance in handling the situation.
  4. Evaluate the seriousness of the demands and threats made by customers.
  5. Keep a record of the incidents including any witnesses present.

This disheartening experience serves as a reminder that even passionate individuals in the music industry can encounter unpleasant situations. It underscores the need for respectful treatment of artists, regardless of their level of fame or recognition. Aspiring DJs, like the one who shared this story, pour their hearts into their work and deserve to be treated with dignity and appreciation. Let this account serve as a cautionary tale for both venues and patrons alike, promoting an atmosphere of respect and harmony within the world of music.


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