Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023

As we bid farewell to the month of May, the team at Midnight Rebels takes great pride in presenting the esteemed lineup of the Top 10 Individuals by Midnight – May 2023. Within this diverse group, we showcase extraordinary individuals ranging from DJs and MCs to talented photographers and event organizers. Each of these exceptional individuals has showcased unparalleled talent, dedicating themselves to achieving nothing short of excellence in their respective fields. Their remarkable contributions perfectly align with our mission and vision, which is to constantly push boundaries and elevate the nightlife scene to unparalleled heights.

These individuals’ expertise has consistently resulted in unforgettable experiences for audiences of all types, ranging from intimate gatherings to grand-scale events. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has set the benchmark in the industry, serving as a source of inspiration for others to pursue greatness and reject mediocrity. This list not only considers contributions to the industry but also emphasizes each individual’s dedication to personal growth and improvement.

At Midnight Rebels, our mission is to spotlight the remarkable talents that make the entertainment and nightlife industry so captivating. Through our monthly recognition of exceptional individuals, we aim to ignite a flame of inspiration that fuels new levels of creativity and innovation.

Let us raise a toast to these ten outstanding individuals and to all those who continuously inspire us with their unrivaled talent and boundless creativity. May their passion for their craft continue to burn brightly and ignite the sparks of inspiration in everyone fortunate enough to cross their paths.

Mac Quiñosa

This individual is unstoppable, ranging from ensuring the safety of events in various venues within Manila, like the Cinco de Mayo celebrations in different outlets in Poblacion, Makati, to organizing events outside of the city, such as in Taguegero. Managing events is a challenging task, especially when you’re the one overseeing every aspect, from the technicalities of the show to the logistics. Additionally, Mac possesses the ability to secure sponsorships and ensure the satisfaction of all clients, adding to his repertoire of skills. Moreover, when it comes to event creation, he is considered one of the best professionals in the industry to seek guidance from. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023

The Man Behind

Jz Cesar, also known as The Man Behind, is a versatile media creator who goes beyond capturing photographs of people and filming DJs in the nightlife scene. His skills extend to handling corporate projects, including those related to tourism and various brands outside the realm of nightlife. Throughout the entire month, Jayzee has been diligently occupied, working on Laboracay videos while simultaneously capturing moments at well-known venues like URBN on regular nights. He not only captures images but also enhances them through skillful color grading, transforming raw pictures into vibrant and captivating visuals. The dedication and effort Jz puts into his work should not be underestimated, as it is no easy task to accomplish. -Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023

Kevin Pableo

Kevin Pableo, a promoter and avid live concert and party enthusiast, exemplifies true dedication in curating a list of events on a monthly or yearly basis. His unparalleled commitment to promoting shows and festivals is evident in his diverse range of activities, which include tweeting about the events, writing about it, and attending the events himself to capture and share memorable moments. Kevin’s passion for his hobby is truly inspiring. Additionally, it is evident that his hard work pays off, as he often receives free passes to these events, a testament to his deserving nature, considering the substantial efforts he invests in spreading the word about a wide range of events, ranging from raves to K-pop shows. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023


MC DM is a remarkable individual who seamlessly balances a demanding corporate job during the day and his passion for spitting fire on the microphone at various venues in the evenings. It’s awe-inspiring to witness him hyping up crowds at night, only to wake up the next day dressed in professional attire, ready to tackle his responsibilities as a devoted father. The way he manages to juggle these contrasting roles is truly remarkable. It’s almost as if he has found the perfect confluence of work and passion in his life. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that MC DM is not just a talented MC, but also an accomplished dancer. Perhaps dancing serves as his stress-reliever, allowing him to find balance amidst his busy schedule. All jokes aside, we must commend him for his ability to stay on top of his responsibilities and excel in every aspect of his life. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023


Marxx is an exceptional DJ who has mastered the art of staying on top in the dynamic world of DJing, even in today’s digital age. Whether he’s curating captivating content online or serving up the sickest beats in town offline, Marxx proves his ability to rock the dancefloor and keep the crowd enthralled. Beyond his busy DJing schedule, he also showcases his dedication to his family, portraying himself as a loving husband and devoted father on social media. With a perfect balance between his personal and professional life, Marxx’s skills truly shine when witnessed live, as he effortlessly blends tracks and exudes an unmatched energy and passion that create an unforgettable experience for all. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023

Via Chan

Via Chan, Cebu’s princess and a valued member of the esteemed cohort “We Are Your Friends,” has been fully immersed in her craft throughout the entire month, energetically traversing the picturesque archipelago. This incredibly talented female DJ proves time and again that she is an unstoppable force. In our recent chat, we delved into the unique perspective of being an introverted DJ, discovering that she resonated deeply with our post on the topic, revealing her own contradictory experiences. Despite finding herself in awkward situations at events, we commend her for her exceptional mental fortitude in navigating such scenarios and still managing to command the dancefloor with her magnetic presence at each new destination she visits. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023


Throughout the entire month, Marsman has been tirelessly releasing a multitude of remixes and original tracks, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his craft. His commitment to DJing almost every night while still finding time to sit down and create new music is truly commendable. It is evident that Marsman’s artistic vision extends beyond simply playing songs from other artists; he aspires to complete the full circle by showcasing his own original compositions and captivating remixes. In a competitive sea of DJs, Marsman manages to stand out and stay at the forefront of his game, consistently delivering fresh and innovative music that sets him apart from the rest. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023

Muk Zhelvedor

Muk, regarded as one of the finest female underground DJs in the Philippines, is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she curate exceptional events under House Collab, but she also effortlessly manages the responsibilities of being a mother. In an industry predominantly dominated by men, Muk Zhelvedor fearlessly leads the charge in advancing the underground scene, focusing solely on the music and creating an electric atmosphere wherever she performs. Her song choices deserve recognition, as crate digging is a formidable task, yet Muk consistently delivers eclectic sets ranging from minimal to techno and house, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating her sets and pleasantly surprised by her selections. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023


Parnassvs, also known as Geo Del Carmen, has embarked on a whirlwind journey within the span of a month, encompassing a wide range of endeavors. From crafting mesmerizing mixtapes to releasing captivating tracks, his dedication to music knows no bounds. Not only does Parnassvs excel in the DJ booth, but he also imparts his wisdom and expertise as an instructor at Sessions Academy, sharing his passion with aspiring artists. Furthermore, he extends his influence by curating immersive nightly events, showcasing his ability to create unforgettable experiences for the scene. It is truly remarkable to witness the amount of effort Parnassvs pours into each facet of his career, whether working collaboratively or individually, all for the betterment of the music community. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023


Top 10 Individuals By Midnight - May 2023, Philippines

Raphy, widely recognized as Hoest, has undoubtedly had a jam-packed month filled with notable achievements. From successfully securing a gig in the vibrant city of Paris to curating captivating nights at the renowned Rabbit Room, his dedication to creating memorable experiences knows no bounds. Furthermore, he recently made waves in the industry by announcing the opening of Don’t Tell, as a co-owner, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an electronic dance artist. It is truly awe-inspiring to witness Hoest’s unstoppable drive and we can’t help but shower him with praise for his continuous efforts in elevating the electronic dance music scene. – Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023



As we bring this write up to a close, honoring the exceptional individuals of the nightlife and entertainment industry, we are deeply moved by the unwavering passion and resilience they embody. Their tireless commitment to their craft not only serves as a personal inspiration but also leaves an indelible imprint on the entire industry. Through their relentless dedication and extraordinary talent, they have become the driving force behind the evolution of the entertainment landscape. We are privileged to have acknowledged and celebrated their remarkable achievements.

As we embark on our mission to spotlight outstanding individuals month after month, we aspire to share their stories and accomplishments, serving as a continuous source of inspiration and motivation for all. Let us always bear in mind that true success is not solely measured by fame or fortune, but rather by the unwavering passion and unwavering commitment we bring to our chosen endeavors. The Top 10 Individuals By Midnight – May 2023 stand as a testament to the power of dedication, creativity, and resilience in shaping the industry and igniting the flames of aspiration within us all.


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