The Rhythm of Resilience: Pae Dobles’ Journey as a DJ and a Mother

Pae Dobles has proven that it was possible to excel as both a single mother and a DJ, and we are in awe of her ability to balance both roles with grace and determination. With her unwavering commitment to her craft and her child, Pae has become an inspiration to us all. Her journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, showcases the incredible strength and resilience of a mother who never gives up on her dreams.


The Bond Between Mother and Son

Pae’s life took an unexpected turn when her beloved son, Reign, was diagnosed with autism. She embraced the role of a dedicated mother, understanding that her presence and love were vital for his development. Reign became her world, and Pae made it her mission to provide him with the care and support he needed.

Balancing Motherhood and DJing

As a single mother, Pae faced the challenge of balancing her responsibilities as a caregiver with her passion for music as a DJ. Reign’s needs required her presence at home, making it difficult for her to accept gigs. Undeterred, Pae waited for Reign to sleep or arranged for him to stay with her mother so that she could pursue her DJing career.

Honesty and Open Communication

Pae’s commitment to her son’s well-being extends beyond physical care. She believes in the power of honesty and open communication with Reign. Before each gig, she tells him the truth about her work, reassuring him that he will see her soon. Pae’s transparency strengthens their bond and builds a foundation of trust, even during the challenging times when Reign misses her presence.

Finding Inspiration in Adversity

During a crucial point in her DJ career, Pae Dobles discovered that Reign had autism. Despite the emotional turmoil and overwhelming responsibilities, Pae channeled her strength and used her son as a source of inspiration. She entered an international DJ competition via 17Live, not only to pursue her dream but also to provide for her child. Pae’s determination to overcome adversity and secure a better future for Reign is truly inspiring. And she won the championship!

Support and Love

Pae’s journey took a turn for the better when she met Jayson, who became a loving and supportive partner. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, Jayson’s unwavering support enabled Pae to focus on both her motherhood and DJing. Together, they built a foundation of love and stability for Reign, creating a harmonious family unit.

Continuing the Journey

As Reign’s fifth birthday approaches, Pae’s dedication to her son’s growth and well-being remains unwavering. She continues to work hard, seeking opportunities to showcase her DJing skills and provide for her family. Pae’s story serves as a testament to the resilience of a mother who refuses to let circumstances define her or limit her dreams.

Pae Dobles has emerged as a shining example of a woman who thrives as a mother and a DJ, defying the boundaries society often places on women. Her unwavering commitment, love, and determination inspire us to pursue our passions, overcome challenges, and embrace the joy of motherhood. Pae’s story reminds us that with resilience, honesty, and a loving support system, we can achieve greatness in all aspects of our lives. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us honor Pae Dobles and mothers like her who embody strength, perseverance, and the ability to shine in multiple roles.

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