The Nightlife’s Most Overused Phrase: “I Know the DJ”

Picture this: you’re standing in line outside a bustling club in Poblacion, eagerly awaiting entry to the hottest party in town. Suddenly, someone walks up to the front of the line and confidently declares, “I know the DJ.” As they breeze past the bouncer and into the club, you can’t help but feel a twinge of annoyance and frustration.

That feeling when you got inside without paying

It’s a scene that plays out all too often in the nightlife industry. From BGC to Poblacion to QC, the infamous phrase “I know the DJ” is used as a free pass to skip the line and gain entry to exclusive parties and events. And while it may seem harmless at first, the negative effects of this behavior can quickly add up.

For starters, it’s simply not fair to the other clubgoers who have waited patiently in line and paid their way in. Cutting in front of the line or trying to get in for free just because you know the DJ is a selfish and inconsiderate move that shows a lack of respect for your fellow partygoers.

Furthermore, using this phrase can cause a great deal of frustration and inconvenience for the bouncers and club receptionists who are just trying to do their jobs. It’s not their responsibility to sift through a list of people claiming to know the DJ in order to determine who gets in for free. This can lead to delays and chaos at the entrance, making the experience less enjoyable for everyone involved. It’s even worse when the DJ is in the middle of a set and has to be interrupted because someone outside claims to know them and wants to enter the club.

And let’s not forget about the DJs themselves. While it’s true that many DJs support each other in the industry, using the “I know the DJ” line to gain free entry and drinks from the club’s DJ signing bonus is not the way to do it. If you truly know and support the DJ, the best way to show it is by paying the entrance fee like everyone else.

In fact, using this line can even hurt the industry as a whole. Clubs and promoters rely on entrance fees to keep their businesses afloat, and when people are constantly trying to get in for free or cutting the line, it can make it difficult for them to stay profitable. This could lead to the closure of clubs and the loss of jobs for those in the industry.

So, the next time you’re tempted to use the “I know the DJ” line to get into a club, think twice. Consider the impact it could have on those around you, and act with decency and consideration towards your fellow clubgoers and the hardworking staff who keep the industry alive. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than supporting the local nightlife scene and enjoying a night out with friends.

When is it appropriate to use the line “I know the DJ”

  • When you actually know the DJ: If you have a personal relationship with the DJ, such as a friend or family member, then it’s perfectly acceptable to mention this to the bouncer or club receptionist when entering the venue.
  • When the DJ is expecting you: If the DJ has specifically invited you to the event and informed the venue about your attendance, then it’s appropriate to mention this at the door. However, be sure to have proof of the invitation, such as a text or email from the DJ.
  • When it’s a small venue or event: In some cases, such as at smaller venues or events, the DJ may be more accessible and open to meeting new people. In this case, it may be okay to mention that you’re interested in meeting or talking with the DJ. However, always be respectful and courteous in your approach.


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