Trouble in Malate – Female DJ Mistreated

Malate, Philippines -A female DJ has shared an unsettling experience of mistreatment and disrespectful behavior by a patron at a local bar. The incident has sparked conversations about the treatment of DJs and artists within the entertainment industry.

The anonymous DJ, who has performed at prestigious venues such as Intercontinental and Four Seasons Hotels in China, as well as for high profile people, accepted a gig in Bellagio Square. The opportunity arose when a resident DJ and friend requested the female DJ to fill in for a night, potentially leading to a regular spot if the owner approved of their set.

During the performance, the DJ noticed the owner entering the establishment accompanied by a group of individuals. Clearly pleased with the set, the owner recorded a video on his phone, and one of the women in his entourage expressed appreciation for the DJ and their music. However, a middle-aged man, seemingly inebriated, accompanied the owner. In a rude manner, he repeatedly called the DJ as if calling a dog and made song requests by entering the DJ booth.

Complying with the first request, the DJ played reggae for the owner. However, once the owner departed, the man returned to the booth, interrupting the DJ’s mixing process. Politely asking for a moment to finish the transition between songs, the DJ found themselves subjected to a sudden outburst of rage from the elderly man. He shouted at the top of his lungs, demanding the removal of the DJ’s personal drink, insisting that drinks were not allowed in the booth.

The DJ, maintaining composure, silently endured the man’s tantrum as the staff promptly confiscated the glass and bottle. After a few minutes, the bartender returned the DJ’s belongings, resulting in another outburst from the man. This time, he screamed for the DJ to stop their set and leave. Seeking to diffuse the situation, the DJ calmly explained that the bottle belonged to them and that management had granted permission to bring their own drinks. However, the man persisted in his verbal assault, prompting the DJ to comply with his demands, turning off the music and packing up their equipment.

The club fell into an eerie silence for approximately 30 minutes, during which concerned guests approached the DJ, questioning the abrupt halt of their impressive performance. The DJ explained the situation, informing guests that they had been asked to leave. Outraged by the mistreatment, some guests even expressed a desire to confront the man physically, but the DJ urged them to let the matter go. Most of the guests subsequently left the venue.

Following the incident, the club’s staff extended sincere apologies to the DJ, both on the night of the incident and the following day. The resident DJ friend contacted the DJ, expressing support and confirming that the staff had informed him of the ordeal. Furthermore, the club imposed a strict ban on the man, who was revealed to be a friend of the owner’s. Apparently, he had a history of drunken behavior and mistreatment towards the staff, leading to his permanent exclusion from the establishment.

Reflecting on the incident, the DJ expressed regret for succumbing to the insults and rage but asserted that pride in their job prevented them from tolerating such humiliation. They hope that by sharing their story, others will not encounter similar situations. Acknowledging the support received, the DJ believes they made the right decision in standing up against mistreatment.

This incident serves as a reminder that respect and dignity should be extended to DJs and artists in all professional settings. Establishments must prioritize a safe and respectful environment for performers and patrons alike.

As the incident gains attention, it is expected to ignite discussions about the treatment of DJs and highlight the need for industry-wide reforms to ensure fair and respectful treatment for all artists.

What to do if you experience mistreatment as a DJ or artist:

  • If you are being mistreated by a patron, staff member, or other individual, it is important to speak up and report the incident.
  • You can report the incident to the management of the establishment, or to a relevant industry organization.
  • You can also file a complaint with the police.
  • It is important to remember that you have the right to be treated with respect, regardless of your profession.

How to create a safe and respectful environment for DJs and artists:

  • Establishments should have clear policies in place to protect DJs and artists from mistreatment.
  • Staff should be trained to identify and respond to incidents of mistreatment.
  • Patrons should be educated about the importance of respecting DJs and artists.
  • By creating a safe and respectful environment, we can help to ensure that all DJs and artists can thrive in their careers.

Disclaimer: The DJ’s name and other identifying information have been withheld to protect her from further harassment or harm.

Thank you for taking the time to read this compelling story. More power to the DJs and artists who contribute their talents to the entertainment industry.


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