Attitude Matters: DJ DAXX and X-Factor’s Advice for Aspiring DJs

In the Filipino DJ scene, DJ DAXX and DJ X-Factor reveal how their exceptional talent, creativity, and dedication paved the way to success and recognition in the nightlife industry – a Midnight Rebels exclusive.

At Midnight Rebels, we had the privilege of engaging in a quick chat with two esteemed figures in the Filipino DJ scene: DJ DAXX and the renowned remixer DJ X-Factor. We delved into a discussion about the significance of attitude in the nightlife industry, specifically focusing on the impact it has on the success and reputation of DJs. Within this industry, Filipino DJs have carved a niche for themselves, earning recognition for their exceptional talent, creativity, and unparalleled dedication.

However, in addition to technical skills, one often-underestimated factor plays a crucial role in their success: attitude. The attitude of Filipino DJs not only determines their career trajectory but also shapes their reputation within the community. Given the Filipinos’ sensitivity and the rapid spread of information, maintaining a positive mindset becomes vital for DJs aspiring to thrive in this industry.

The Power of Attitude

In any industry, the right mindset can be the driving force behind an individual’s success. As per DJ DAXX, a respected figure in the industry, he emphasizes the importance of being respectful and genuine. According to him, these qualities can significantly contribute to a DJ’s long-term success. By treating others with respect and authenticity, DJs can build strong relationships, earn trust, and establish a positive reputation within the industry. It is a reminder that talent alone is not enough to thrive in the competitive world of DJing; a positive demeanor and sincerity are equally crucial.

Attitude, Top DJs in The Philippines

Building Trust and Professional Relationships

In an industry where networking and collaboration are essential, maintaining a respectful and positive mindset becomes paramount. DJ X-Factor shares his observations on the current trend in the industry, particularly highlighting the significant role that established DJs such as Ace Ramos, Marc Marasigan, David Ardiente, and Martin Pulgar play in recommending aspiring DJs for gigs. He emphasizes that before these influential DJs trust the skills of newcomers, they assess their attitude first. This insight underscores the importance of attitude as a foundation for success. DJs who demonstrate humility, professionalism, and a willingness to learn are more likely to earn the trust and support of their peers and mentors.

The Ripple Effect of Sensitivity

Filipinos are known for their sensitivity and strong sense of community. While these traits can foster a supportive and inclusive environment, they also require DJs to exercise caution with their words and actions. The nightlife industry thrives on word-of-mouth recommendations, and negative feedback can quickly spread, potentially harming a DJ’s career. Filipino DJs understand the importance of treading carefully and treating others with respect and professionalism. By prioritizing sensitivity and kindness, they can maintain a positive image and continue to enjoy the trust and support of their fans, peers, and industry stakeholders.

Attitude, Top DJs in The Philippines
DJ X-Factor

Fostering professionalism and ethical behavior

To maintain a thriving career in the DJ industry, Filipino DJs recognize the significance of ethical conduct and professionalism. DJ X-Factor advices against developing a big ego too quickly, particularly for aspiring DJs who are just starting out. He cautions that if a new DJ becomes overly confident and displays a negative mindset, their career may suffer. This highlights the delicate balance between talent and attitude. While skills can be practiced and developed over time, a negative mindset can quickly tarnish a DJ’s reputation, leading to missed opportunities and a short-lived career.

The insights shared by DJ DAXX and DJ X-Factor during our conversation shed light on the critical role of attitude in the success and reputation of Filipino DJs in the nightlife industry. Aspiring DJs must prioritize professionalism, positivity, and ethical conduct. By nurturing a respectful and inclusive belief, Filipino DJs can build trust, foster relationships, and enjoy long and fulfilling careers in an industry that thrives on passion, talent, and personal connections. The guidance provided by DJ DAXX and DJ X-Factor serves as a valuable reminder that attitude is a key ingredient in shaping a DJ’s journey and leaving a lasting impact in the dynamic world of DJing.


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