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In this installment, we had the opportunity to spend time with MK, also known as Mark Thompson. Our conversation revolved around his choices, delving into the intricacies of interpreting a crowd and expressing oneself artistically. Additionally, we explored his journey, spanning from his involvement in a metal band to his role as a DJ. It’s fascinating to observe how these two seemingly disparate worlds not only differ but also share striking similarities in certain aspects.

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In this week’s episode, we invited MK Thompson to delve into his guilty pleasures. He engaged in discussions about his preferred tunes for sex, tunes for the shower, and the music that sets the tone before his performances, all while sprinkling in a dash of comedy. Through some thorough exploration of his personal music collection, we unearthed some precious musical treasures to share with all you rebels. [PODCAST HOST: KOBEAST]

Music matters on the i suggest listening to an alternate genre from the gig that you’re doing if you’re dj…iba talaga, you get excited.

Mark suggested that listening to different types of music before a gig feels great. He called it a kind of ritual before performing that makes the experience feel fresh and exciting when you’re up on stage. This helps prevent burnout, so you stay enthusiastic throughout your performances.

He also talked about how it’s important to play familiar songs that the crowd knows, but he highlighted the value of introducing them to new tracks they’ve never heard before. This way, you entertain them while also expanding their musical horizons.


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