Filipino DJ Gets Punched for Not Smiling Enough

Featured image from URBN QC by @jayzeecezar

Filipino DJs are some of the most talented and creative in the world. They have brought their unique sound to clubs and festivals all over the globe. But one thing that you might notice about some Filipino DJs is that they don’t smile very often.

In a shocking turn of events, a Filipino DJ was recently punched in the face for not smiling enough. The incident occurred at URBN QC in the Philippines, where the DJ was performing. According to witnesses, the DJ was playing a set of Taylor Swift tracks, but he was not smiling. This apparently angered a member of the crowd, who walked up to the DJ and punched him in the face. The DJ was taken to the hospital, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

The incident involving an unsmiling Filipino DJ has sparked a lively debate. Some believe DJs should smile more to connect with the crowd, while others argue they should be free to express themselves authentically. The incident highlights the balance between artist and audience expectations, raising questions about artistic freedom and engaging performances. Regardless of the stance, the incident has catalyzed discussions about the complexities of expressing oneself as an artist in the spotlight.

IF YOU’RE STILL READING: This article is intended to be satirical and should not be taken seriously. If you are a Filipino DJ and are offended by this article, please relax. It is not meant to be a personal attack on you or your profession, laugh it off.

What if Shaq was the DJ, would you still throw that punch? 😂

DJ Diesel a.k.a. Shaquille O’Neal at ‘Lollapalooza’

There are a few reasons why the DJ wasn’t smiling enough.

  • They are focused on the music. When Filipino DJs are mixing tracks, they need to be completely focused on what they are doing. This means that they may not have time to smile or interact with the crowd.
  • They are introverted. Some Filipino DJs are naturally introverted people. They may not be comfortable being the center of attention, and they may not feel the need to smile in order to connect with the crowd.
  • They are trying to be cool. There is a perception that DJs are supposed to be cool and mysterious. Some Filipino DJs may feel like they need to maintain this image by not smiling.
  • They are tired. DJing can be a physically and mentally demanding job. After a long night of mixing, some Filipino DJs may simply be too tired to smile.

If you’re a fan of a Filipino DJ who doesn’t smile, don’t take it personally. It’s not necessarily a reflection of their personality or their feelings about you. It’s just their way of doing things.

Here are some tips for Filipino DJs who want to smile more:

  • Practice smiling in front of a mirror. This will help you get comfortable with the feeling of smiling and make it more natural when you’re on stage.
  • Think about the reasons why you want to smile. Is it because you want to connect with the crowd? Is it because you want to look more approachable? Once you know why you want to smile, it will be easier to do it.
  • Find a way to smile that feels natural to you. Don’t force a big, cheesy grin. Just relax your face and let a genuine smile come through.
  • Remember that smiling is not about being fake. It’s about showing the crowd that you’re enjoying yourself and that you’re happy to be there.

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