Scratching the Itch: Adam Vance’s Trip from Bartender to Revered Turntablist

As a DJ, Adam Vance has been passionate about hip-hop and turntablism since he was active in the hip-hop scene before he started DJing. He was inspired by international DJ, DJ Craze and other battle DJs from the past.


In 2013, Adam Vance was a licensed bartender in Malate, but he was already DJing in his neighborhood. He switched to being a full-time DJ in 2014 after being mentored by DJ J ONE. When he left Malate, he joined Project Collab Manila, where they organized events from 2015-2018. While he was DJing, he practiced scratching because he was really interested in it. This helped him expand his connections since, aside from mainstream DJs, he met a lot of turntablists and scratcher DJs in the underground scene.

malaking tulong din yung support ng tropa and asawa ko na naniniwala sakin nung umpisa palang na wala pa kong kinikita halos. siguro blessings din ni GOD dahil sa sipag and pagmamahal na binigay ko sa career at sa mga nasa paligid ko..

Adam Vance

Adam Vance had a hard time in his career before since he wasn’t rich and lacked the necessary DJ equipment. However, he knew his target in the DJ scene, so he was able to establish his brand and style as a DJ. The support of his friends and wife, who believed in him from the start, also played a significant role. His hard work and love for his career and the people around him were blessings from God.

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Adam Vance performed together with Loki

Adam Vance has won multiple titles in DJ scratching in the Philippines, including being the champ of the Numark PTO1 Scratch Competition in World Trade Center in 2019 and the 1st runner up of the IDA PH in 2020. He also joined other scratch battles and DJ competitions in the underground scene. Preparing for these competitions required weeks of practice, especially since scratching is a long process.

Adam Vance learned from Nick Hernandez that attitude is the number one thing in the scene, and skills come second. Before, Vance was not very approachablem shy perhaps, but “Tito Nick” helped him become a full-fledged artist. He also learned a lot from scratcher groups like KR8 MNL, where he learned from Kuya Mick and other skilled scratchers.

Adam Vance performed together with Loki

Being under the management of Midas Entertainment, a leading urban events and management company in the Philippines, has had a significant impact on Adam Vance’s career as a DJ. He met Tito Nick in 2017 through Dan (MC DM), and he became a part of Midas in 2019 with other DJs and MCs. He learned a lot from the group, and Tito Nick trusted his skills and attitude, which he can share with others.

Adam Vance’s event, Vibe Check, is a fun and unique concept that takes place in various venues. It started during the pandemic with Mstryo, Waffster, JN Sync, Ian Vicente, and Joaqin, where they hosted a hip-hop night with rapper artists from the hip-hop scene. They started in Guilt Bar in Poblacion, and they wouldn’t have succeeded if it weren’t for their rapper friends and neighbors who supported them from the start. They choose the venues and performers for each edition based on their connections and the vibe they want to show in the music and culture.

Vibe Check

We asked Vance about the current state of the hip hop culture in the Philippines, in Vance’s perspective he believes that the scene will only continue to grow stronger as local rappers in the Philippines are now able to compete with their global counterparts. Vance has also noticed the emergence of many talented new artists in the local hip hop scene and emphasizes the importance of supporting them to further strengthen the culture. As for the impact of these trends on the future of the scene, Vance remains optimistic that it will continue to thrive as long as the community continues to support and uplift one another.

sobra lakas ng hiphop scene ngayon feeling ko mas lalakas pa to sa mga susunod pa dahil yung mga rappers dito sa pinas nakakasabay na sa ibang bansa. marami din malalakas na bagong artist ngayon kelangan lang talaga natin tangkilikin yung local rap para mas lumakas pa lalo..

Adam Vance

Adam Vance’s passion for hip-hop and turntablism has led him to become a successful DJ in the Philippines. Despite facing challenges in his career, such as not having enough DJ equipment and struggling to establish his brand, Adam’s dedication and hard work have paid off. He has won numerous titles in DJ scratching and has been able to expand his connections in the underground scene. With the support of his friends, family, and Midas Entertainment, Adam Vance continues to thrive and innovate in his field. His unique event, Vibe Check, showcases his love for hip-hop and the culture surrounding it, and it has become a hit among the local community. Overall, Adam Vance’s story is a proof to the power of passion and perseverance in achieving one’s goals.


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