The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will begin shipping in time for the holidays, just as Microsoft had previously stated. The fridge will cost $100, according to the company, and pre-orders will begin on October 19th. It will be available for purchase in December.

The mini fridge got its start as a result of an image Xbox shared on Twitter to demonstrate the scale of the Xbox Series X compared to a full-sized refrigerator. Microsoft actually built a six-foot refrigerator to promote the launch of the Xbox 360 console last year. Following a victory in a Twitter battle of the brands, a miniature version of the fridge will now be available for purchase in stores nationwide.

Microsoft collaborated with Ukonic! a merchandise manufacturer  on the mini fridge, which features LED lighting and a design that matches the Xbox Series X. A total of 12 cans of your favorite energy drink or other beverage can be stored in the small appliance if needed. There’s also some storage space on the shelves above the door for snacks. In addition to the included DC power adaptor, there is a USB port, which may come in handy for charging your Xbox Wireless Controller while on the go.

The mini fridge will be available exclusively through Target in the United States and Canada. People in the United Kingdom can purchase it for £90 from Game. At the outset, the fridge will be available for delivery in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Poland. Microsoft intends to expand the availability of the Xbox Mini Fridge in additional markets next year, though the exact locations and dates will depend on regulatory approvals and restrictions in each country.