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What Are the Best Free-To-Play Nintendo Switch Games You Can Get Right Now?

You may now simply buy a new PC or console and start downloading and playing games for free. This is a terrific technique to introduce new players to gaming and keep veterans entertained.

The Nintendo Switch includes some incredible games and apps, from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to the just released Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, but if you want to explore a wider range of options, the free part of the eShop is where you should look first.

Due to the introduction of new and fascinating free games every year, this is a list that is always expanding. IGN Southeast Asia, on the other hand, would like to recommend the top ten free games for the Nintendo Switch in the region.


Although it is not the whole game at this time, the first two chapters of Toby Fox’s follow-up to Undertale are available for free and are a lot of fun to play. Everything about Undertale is evolving, and these two chapters will more than suffice to keep you entertained until the whole game is released at some point in the future.

Retrograde Arena

This Indonesian top-down shooter is a fun arcade experience that is great for a few fast rounds in between other games in the arcade. In the vein of Battle City on the NES, but with visuals reminiscent of Tron, Retrograde Arena is a twin-stick physics-based shooter that is unlike anything else available today.


Tobacco chewing gum Ninjala’s bright and joyful environment may remind you of Splatoon, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s full with chomping ninjas with attitude, after all. Ninjala is a really enjoyable game to return to on a regular basis, thanks to its fast-paced melee fighting and occasional crossovers with anime-related characters and properties.

Pokemon Unite

Even while the combination of Pokemon and MOBA was expected to be a blockbuster, no one could have predicted that Pokemon Unite would be quite as entertaining as it ended up being. Pokemon Unite is a true fusion of the lane-by-lane warfare of MOBAs with the capturing and evolving mechanics of Pokemon, and it is a joy for both longtime fans and newbies.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh! is much more than a nostalgic nostalgia or a straightforward digital copy of the venerable trading card game. It is a major celebration of the series and a terrific method for veterans and beginners to brush up on their dueling abilities at the same time.

Sky: Children of the Light

It’s likely that if you’ve played Journey previously, you’ll be quite at home with Sky: Children of the Light as well. Developers Players will still be able to interact with one another in Journey, but a more fanciful environment will be available for them to explore, along with seasonal events that will truly shake things up.

Fantasy Strike

On paper, stripping the fighting game genre down to its base essentials may sound like a horrible idea, but Fantasy Strike proves that it can be done successfully. It provides a lower skill ceiling for entry into the game without sacrificing depth and significance of gaming.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the battle royale shooter that we will constantly come back to, despite the fact that there are many others on the market. Players will be more than ready to drop down and take a deep dive into Respawn’s finely constructed universe, thanks to a consistent stream of seasonal content and addictive gameplay.


With its dependable online experience, Super Mario Odyssey is still a solid game to return to time and time again, especially on the Nintendo Switch. Warframe‘s numerous systems and concepts may be intimidating at first, but they are well worth the effort by the time you reach the endgame.

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

The polar opposite of Pokémon Unite, this Pokémon Café ReMix forgoes all forms of battle in favor of a small group of adorable pocket monsters that manage a café in their spare time. This, of course, leads to the player engaging in match-three puzzles in order to complete the orders of each customer.

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