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Vietnamese Game “Superbugs: Awaken” Takes Players Inside a Cat

It seems as though there is no limit to the amount of inventiveness demonstrated by indie developers all over the world. Particularly noteworthy are the Southeast Asian developers, who have demonstrated that their dreams and passions can truly shine in the video game industry.

Superbugs: Awaken, a cooperative first-person shooter and puzzle mix that was recently launched, is a good example of this. The game was developed by Vietnamese creators Together Games Studio, a firm that was founded by close friends who were brought together by their shared enthusiasm for video games.

During the game Superbugs: Awaken, two players are charged with eradicating a viral infestation that has taken over their pet cat Mimi. In order to enter the cat’s body, one player must shrink down to microscopic proportions, while the other remains behind as the guy on the chair, gathering information about the numerous viruses.

While playing as Sonny Hunter, the player will engage in first-person shooting style action, in which they will explore the interior organs of the cat in order to combat the viral threat. The only problem is that Sonny Hunter is unable to manufacture his own ammunition.

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This is where the other player, who is taking on the role of Daddy Scientist, comes into play. He is responsible for conducting research and providing Sonny Hunter with the tools necessary to win the battle. Daddy Scientist also has access to the map of a level, and he is responsible for directing the other player in the proper way.

Consequently, when Sonny Hunter and his companions explore their environment, they will come upon a slew of microscopic animals. Daddy Scientist will be able to create the most effective antidote for them if you can describe their physical appearance.

Asymmetrical cooperative games such as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, in which one player defuses a bomb while the other offers instructions, or Operation: Tango, in which one player is a spy and the other is a hacker, are examples of this type of cooperative play.

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In addition to its vivid art design, which gives this game a Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic while also delivering the vibe of Disney’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids!, the game’s main gameplay loop is validated by its engaging storyline.

Superbugs: Awaken has been available in early access for over a year and will be released in its entirety on March 25. Grab a friend and head over to Steam to check out the game for yourself.

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