This New Projector From Acer Will Transform Your Gaming Experience

Acer has launched the Predator GD711 Gaming Projector, a new projector aimed squarely at gamers who want the best possible gaming experience.

It has a resolution of 4K ultra-high definition, which allows for sharper detail when watching movies or playing video games. In addition to this, the projector boasts remarkable refresh rates of up to 240 hz for PCs and 120 hz for consoles, both of which are measured in full high-definition (Full HD) quality.

There are two game modes for bright and dark scenes depending on the lighting conditions in the area where the projector is used to improve the dark level and heighten contrast correspondingly. These options let you tailor your game’s appearance to your preferences.

The projector also has an Android operating system, so you can download apps to it. Even if a computer or game console is not connected to the projector, it is still capable of doing a lot of exciting things on its own.

With a throw ratio of 1.22, the Predator GD711 can handle a wide range of throw sizes that go up to 300 inches. Acer recommends a 100-inch screen seen from a distance of 2.70 meters to get the greatest picture quality possible.

Acer’s Predator GD711 may be purchased for the price of RM4,999 (PHP 62,472.77) at both the Acer eStore and the company’s own Shopee shop. Customers who make a purchase of the Predator GD711 before the 14th of July 2022 will be eligible for a cash discount of RM300 and will have the opportunity to redeem gifts with a value of up to RM199.

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