The New Book ‘Dance Music Spaces’ Explores the Connection Between Authenticity and Success in Modern Dance Music.

How Peggy Gou, The Blessed Madonna, and Honey Dijon manage to strike a balance between commercialism and credibility

A new book delves deeply into the complex world of establishing a career in contemporary dance music, and it’s available now. It examines how key players in the scene strategically employ a “rave ethos” to increase their acceptance within the dance community while treading a fine line between commercial success and underground credibility in the documentary ‘Dance Music Spaces.’

The book sheds a fascinating light on the physical and virtual spaces of dance music – from clubs to social media platforms – and demonstrates how various players in the scene use “authenticity, branding, and commercialism” to navigate the difficult terrain. The book’s author, Danielle Hidalgo, provides an in-depth study of three high-profile female artists: The Blessed Madonna, Peggy Gou, and Honey Dijon. Clubs, clubbers, and DJs are all featured prominently in the book. According to the book, which introduces the concept of “authenticity manoeuvring,” players’ underground legitimacy and connection with the roots of the dance community are often concealed by the strategic use of mechanisms designed to affirm/re-affirm their underground legitimacy and connection with the roots of the dance community.

There are some interesting and challenging themes raised in this thought-provoking read that are relevant to all those involved in the dance industry. It is certain to strike a chord with those who are grappling with the often diametrically opposed forces of commercialism and artistic credibility.

Dance Music Spaces by Danielle Hidalgo is now available for purchase, and you can find out more about it here.