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2021’s best eSports games – When it comes to electronic sports, three games stand out above the rest: Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), and Counter-Strike (CS).

In the last five years, the growth of eSports has been abysmal. Since then, there has been a significant increase in the number of tournaments and competitions. They have evolved in an unexpected way.

The most played eSports games

The increase in video game consumption, the development of new communication networks, with a noticeable improvement in internet connections, and a new concept of games, which are highly focused on online gaming rather than an individual narrative experience, have resulted in the creation of a worldwide boom, with eSports games being the most visible manifestation.

Authentic competitions have nothing on the main sports competitions in terms of media coverage, production, or prize money. Furthermore, in many cases, they are significantly higher. The massive attendance at these tournaments is proof of this.

2021’s best eSports games –
When it comes to electronic sports, three games stand out above the rest: Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), and Counter-Strike (CS).

Dota 2

Valve Corporation created a videogame of the genre of real-time strategy, also known as MOBA –multiplayer online battle arena.

Two teams compete to destroy opposing structures. Each of these characters has unique characteristics that will ultimately define the strategies to be used during the game.

The game, which is distributed by Steam, has over 40 million players who connect to it on a daily basis. Despite its legions of fans, many users criticize its difficult learning curve and one of the internet’s most hostile communities.

Dota 2 “takes no prisoners,” as the saying goes.

Valve has held a world championship known as The International every year since 2011. The most prizes are distributed at the annual eSports tournament. It has given out more than $100 million in prizes since its inception.

League of Legends

Riot Games, the same company that created the board game Mechs vs. Minions, created League of Legends.

This MOBA video game has a large fan base. It’s well-balanced mix of action and strategy makes it an extremely competitive game that ranks among the most popular.

LoL is based on the Defense of the Ancients: Allstars map, which was created by Steve “Guinsoo” Feak for the Warcraft III video game.

In the fictional world of Runeterra, players will try to defeat the enemy by destroying the opposing structure. To accomplish this, they will take a champion who, as the game progresses, will unlock his character’s unique abilities and acquire gold coins. LoL has four main maps, also known as Justice Fields, that are distinct from one another. Each of these maps has a unique game mode, and the victory conditions differ from one to the next.Each has its own set of summoner items and spells.

League of Legends has a thriving eSports championship community. Every year, the World Cup is held, in which the world’s best teams compete for the title of champion. In Europe, you can also enjoy the LEC (League of Legends European Championship), in which the continent’s ten best teams compete in four splits that correspond to each season of the year.

But it doesn’t stop there; each country has its own league comprised of teams that either did not make the LEC or dropped out of the category. Anyone who wants to get a closer look at this fascinating world can do so by streaming a never-ending game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter in which two factions compete for survival. The terrorist faction will attempt to detonate a bomb at times and to kidnap hostages at other times. The anti-terrorist party’s mission is to prevent the enemies from carrying out their heinous plans.

Counter-Strike, like Dota 2, is a game developed by Valve and distributed by Steam.

It is a fast-paced and highly realistic game that may not be suitable for all gamers because the first-person perspective causes dizziness in some game console players. On the contrary, it is ideal for those who enjoy fast-paced action and who are drawn to the hunt-be-hunted gameplay.

The new CS: Go Pro League, the most important export competition in Counter-Strike, has already been announced by ESL and World Esports Association (WESA).


This trading card game based on the Warcraft universe was created by Blizzard Entertainment.

It is free to download, but users can make purchases to expedite the improvement process, both in terms of acquiring new cards and new content.

This company’s catalog contains a large number of well-known titles.

This game developer is responsible for the Diablo series, as well as the well-known Warcraft and Starcraft franchises, as well as other globally successful games such as Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.

Every year, the game’s own design company, Blizzard, organizes the Hearthstone Championship Tour, which is held in various parts of the world.


Despite the fact that Overwatch was not the first shooter, it has come to dominate the genre and has expanded its presence in eSports thanks to the Overwatch League.

This is because Blizzard is obsessed with constantly balancing the game and, if necessary, completely balancing the gameplay and each character.

Although this approach is likely to make it difficult for new players (referred to as casual players) to enter, it does present opportunities to develop new strategies and ways of managing the team and prevents those who have been with the game the longest from becoming lost.

With that and a growing roster (30+ heroes), Overwatch is a standout choice for competitive gaming.

Rocket league

Rocket League is one of the oldest video games on this list, having come a long way since its initial release in 2015 to become one of the most popular esports.

The soccer game bar cars has a large player base because it is one of the games that offers cross-play on all of the major platforms.

The removal of random loot boxes from the game, as well as the addition of more than 80 challenges for players, was a wise decision.

Rocket League is a worthy alternative to the typical MOBA or Battle Royale if you’re looking for a competitive game with simple controls, a lot of fun, and direct objectives that allow for the most incredible techniques.

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Apex legends

Apex Legends is yet another eSports game that continues to grow in popularity.

It has proven its worth in the Battle Royale genre since its release.

Many people rank it alongside Fortnite and PUBG as the most popular trio of this type of video game, which is not surprising given its success.

The most recent updates have added support for solo matchmaking as well as spectacular death sequences that aid immersion in the game and provide additional satisfaction when eliminating other players.

This game quickly became popular as an electronic sport, with direct cash tournaments taking place all over the world.

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2021's best eSports games - When it comes to electronic sports, three games

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