The Ingenuity Behind Valley Of Chrome’s New Album ‘Confront Thy Curse’

The new Valley Of Chrome album contains 15 songs in all, six of which are entirely new songs with English and Tagalog interpretations. Creating two distinct versions of each song is certainly a step that moves Valley Of Chrome’s creative process ahead.

It is not an easy feat to be able to come up with 15 tracks for an album, especially when there is a bottomless lack of inspiration owing to the restrictions that the pandemic has placed on Valley Of Chrome. And here we are today, presenting their fifth album ‘Confront Thy Curse‘ for your listening pleasure. According to the band’s frontman, Rogel, it was only possible because of one thing: sheer drive. It was written by the band members sequentially, and then they came together at Tower of Doom to put the music together. Even at the darkest and most hopeless of circumstances, they refuse to acknowledge the possibility that they are incapable of accomplishing anything.

More on the album, as was previously stated, it has a total of 15 tracks, six of which are brand new songs with English and Tagalog renditions respectively for each song. Developing two unique interpretations of each song is undeniably a step that propels the creative process of Valley Of Chrome forward for sure.

In addition to that, it features the singles “Mahirap Mahalin,” “Huling Liwanag,” and “From the Shadows,” all of which were previously released. And re-recorded versions of the band’s classic songs such as “Forever,” “Art of Letting Go,” and “Dasal sa Gitna ng Panganib.”

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In terms of the album’s artwork, Rogel characterized the creative process as follows: No matter how good you are at your chosen craft, the time will come that you will be burdened with self doubt. For sure, the Heavy Metal-ish feel on the album art feels like a joke- but there seems to be a dark and ominous feel to a warrior in isolation. Can you still do this? Can you still fight? Can you confront thy curse?

To encapsulate the entire album, the track ‘From The Shadows’ would sum it all up, from the stress produced by the pandemic to the band’s quest for inspiration. Here’s a listening guide for the Tagalog and English tracks that correspond with each other.

  • #1 Ikatlong Mata – #10 From The Shadows
  • #2 Mahirap Mahalin – #11 Both Ends Burning
  • #3 Huling Liwanag – #12 All I Had I Gave
  • #4 Sa Una Lang Masarap – #13 Diaclone
  • #5 Kalaban – #14 Mantra
  • #6 Rehas (Magdusa Ka) – #15 Knives