Everyone enjoys a good team-based shooter, whether it’s a classic like Counter-Strike or a newer game like Team Fortress 2. Everyone has their favorite team-based shooters, and it’s always fun to try something new.

Secret 6 has been hard at work on their upcoming team-based shooter, Project Xandata, which will be released later this year. Since 2016, the team has been working on this game to perfection, drawing inspiration from their passion for Halo, Quake, and Mega Man X.

While at Level Up KL 2017, Project Xandata was recognized with the Best Technology Award, despite the fact that the game had undergone numerous changes and a complete reimagining along the way.

Secret 6 attempted to improve Project Xandata in 2020 by limiting the game’s battles to 3v3, altering the game’s maps to accommodate this more focused gamestyle, and balancing the game’s classes and movement system, among other things.

At the start of each battle, players will be able to choose between three different characters: the stealthy Agent, the nimble Marksman, and the powerful Juggernaut. Because of the MagiTech System, each class will have two elemental affinities, which will determine which skills the players will be able to use in their respective classes.

There are also nine different weapons, each with a unique set of perks that can be customized to suit any type of player. Due to the fact that Project Xandata does not impose any restrictions on the weapons or perks that players can employ, players are encouraged to be as inventive as possible.

In terms of game modes, there are three in Project Xandata, the first of which is Annihilation, which is essentially a five-round deathmatch. The other two are Deathmatch and Survival. There is also Corruption, in which each team must collect 100 shards in order to win the match. Finally, there’s Skirmish, in which both teams must compete to earn the most points possible, with the winner being the first team to reach 5,000 points.

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Secret 6 has been conducting closed tests for Project Xandata for the past year, and they have now announced that an open beta will be available for free on Steam from November 12 to November 28.

If this sounds like a fun time to you, you can add the game to your Steam wishlist here.