Tetris May Have Inspired Samsung’s Foldable Phone Concept

A slew of options are opened up by flexible screens, however some of them may make more sense than others.

Samsung is likely to be considered as the undisputed monarch of foldable phones, however the company’s supremacy is being challenged by newcomers such as OPPO. It retains a significant competitive advantage and has a substantial amount of resources to devote to research and development. It has been more than a decade since the business began imagining all of the numerous ways foldable devices could revolutionize and improve our daily lives. Some of those fantasies do materialize into actual goods, but many others remain in the world of concepts that have been formalized through patent filings. In one of these patents, a phone is described as having a flap, which is arguably the most accurate way to express a concept that both makes sense and does not make sense at the same time.

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Most foldable phones today have screens that fold in the middle, whether vertically or horizontally, and whether they are on the inside or on the outside. Of course, that isn’t the only way to go out of business, but corporations are constrained by the production processes and materials available today. As long as you can get the design or idea approved beforehand, though, it’s almost a free-for-all situation in the realm of patents.

Samsung designed a phone that, when spread out unfurled, resembles a shorter version of the L-shaped Tetris block. The company had extremely few limits while designing the phone. After folding back like a flap, the top half of the screen faces the same direction as the cameras. The left-hand edge of this extension folds back like a flap as well. This changes the phone’s shape to a more conventional one, similar to the I-block from the same video game.

The patent, which was first spotted by LetsGoDigital, bears an uncanny resemblance to one of LG’s most bizarre phones, the LG Wing, which featured a swiveling screen. But the existing phone is shaped like a T, just like the Tetris blocks, and it has a smaller square screen that serves as a secondary display on top of it. Samsung’s concept is essentially identical to LG’s, but with one additional trick that LG was unable to pull off.

Because the flap appears to be functional even when folded, it may be feasible to display information on the back of the phone, such as notifications, if necessary. This device can even be used as a viewfinder, allowing the owner to capture selfies with the more powerful primary cameras while still using the smaller device. Additionally, the curved portion of the screen towards the edge can be utilized to display information like as the date, battery status, and possibly even a ticker for notifications.

It’s possible that when the extra screen is opened, it will display a different app or more extensive controls for the same program. Alternatively, you can use the top half of the screen to watch a movie in its entirety, leaving the bottom half of the screen free for typing or other tasks. Unfortunately, the LG Wing demonstrated that a successful implementation relies largely on software as much as it does on hardware, and even Samsung, with its nicer Android skin, has not yet achieved this level of accomplishment. After all, this is just a patent, and filing a patent is simply the act of claiming ownership of an idea, regardless of whether or not Samsung ever implements something as bizarre as this.

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