Tales of Grumville Takes Players on a Charming Mystery

Gamer’s looking for an intriguing story and a break from the usual video game stories will always be drawn to visual novels. It’s a genre that can totally focus on storyline artistry.

Looking for new visual novels to play? Indonesian studio Mushroomallow has been steadily building their reputation by providing players with a diverse range of experiences for years. The company Mushroomallow has so far developed and released three visual novels, each with an own subject and motif.

Edda Cafe, a magical cafe that gives people a second chance at life, was their first visual novel and the one that got them started in the industry. The game was selected as one of the Honorable Mentions by the Jury at the Asia Game Awards 2021.

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Kohana, the second visual novel by Mushroomallow, is based on Japanese mythology and is the developer’s second release. Kohana, a game that tells the story of two friends who are growing apart and features a cast of yokai characters, was one of the standouts of the Spooktober VN Jam 2021 event.

‘Tales of Grumville: A Legendary Pie and A Nameless Statue’ is Mushroomallow’s most recent visual novel, and it’s a slice-of-life adventure that takes place in a town inhabited with anthropomorphic animals. Mushroomallow is currently working on a new visual novel.

It was created in partnership with Wenderly Games, also known as Jerry Becerril, a solitary indie game developer who worked on Tales of Grumville. BECERRIL is an extremely prolific visual novel developer that has a variety of games available for download on the platform.

In this new visual novel, gamers will be following the adventures of Audrey, a young mouse who has recently moved to Grumville with her father, and her friends. Audrey considers her small town to be the most uninteresting place on the planet.

Audrey comes encounters a mystery statue whose name has been lost to the passage of time as she attempts to combat boredom in her little new town, which leads her on the most incredible journey of her life.

Among those who accompany Audrey on her adventure are Montgomery, a hip-hopping sloth who has ambitions to become a rapper on the internet, as well as Rocky, a living turtle statue who is trying to recall who he once was and unearth his past.

For free, you can download Tales of Grumville: A Legendary Pie and A Nameless Statue from the website or from the Google Play Store. Other Mushroomallow and Wenderly Games visual novels are likewise available on both platforms, as are their other games.