We all have a favorite Twitch streamer these days, and it’s always fun for viewers to interact with the streamers by participating in multiplayer games.

There have been numerous ways for streamers to engage their audiences in online gaming, ranging from the numerous Jackbox games to the game Among Us. While we have seen a number of games that incorporate the Twitch viewing experience into their gameplay, we have not yet seen one that does so completely.

The ChefSquad game, a brand-new title from Vertigo Game Inc., the company best known for its Cook, Serve, Delicious! series of cooking video games, steps in to fill the void. What distinguishes ChefSquad from the competition is the game’s built-in integration with Twitch.

Streamers serve as head chefs in ChefSquad, and they are in charge of assigning and designating what their viewers will be preparing for dinner. Up to 25 people can sign up to be the cooks in their kitchen and assist in getting orders out to customers in chat.

The streamer and their viewers must work together to ensure that orders are delivered quickly and that customers are not disappointed. Finishing each shift successfully will unlock new foods, upgrades, and challenges as a result of your hard work and dedication.

A number of stations are set up in the kitchen depending on what is on the menu, and each station can prepare a different type of ingredient. The gameplay of ChefSquad will be familiar if you’ve played Overcooked, which features chaotic kitchens, or Diner Dash, which features drag and drop gameplay.

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The streamer assigns active players in chat to various stations and informs them of the tasks that must be completed during the shift. Everything, from preparing dishes to handling chores to ensuring that orders are sent out, must be completed quickly and efficiently in order to receive a perfect score.

As the viewers are being dispatched to their respective stations, a specific word prompt will be displayed on the screen to guide them. In order to complete the task, the viewer must type the following commands into the Twitch chat box.

According to ChefSquad game designer David Galindo, “This entire game was created by streamers, for streamers — the music, art, and game design were all created by people who stream on Twitch, some of whom are part or full time Twitch streamers, which made this game extra special for us and may be a first for any game ever.”

“We wanted to try out a new way of interacting with the community, and we hope everyone has a good time doing so!”

ChefSquad is a video game that can be downloaded for free from Steam.