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Check Out the Season 1 Content of the Filipino Team Shooter ‘Project Xandata’

It is incredibly bold for a Southeast Asian studio to attempt to build a competitive online first-person shooter, but if there was ever a commendable independent effort for the genre, it would be Project Xandata.

Project Xandata, a video game developed by Filipino studio Secret 6, was released on Steam early access on March 22. In a 3v3 arena battle, players assume the character of a Xandat, a trained soldier with magic-infused cybernetic armour.

With a wide variety of classes and aspects to choose from, players can show off their skills in a variety of ways to gain an advantage in the game. Any advantage can be gained by utilizing the many customization options offered.

When you’ve had three months of early access to Project Xandata‘s first Early Access Season, you’ll be able to get your hands on all kinds of new features and content.

Fastlane, a metropolitan transportation hub in the bustling Lightning District, is a real futuristic hotspot turned Xandat battleground, with flashing neon lights, advertisements, food kiosks, and futuristic automobiles.

With two primary zones that are nearly symmetrical and connected by a multi-level train station, Fastlane is a more condensed and brisk map. The densely populated character of the map will lead to more dangerous conflicts and gunfights.

There are a lot of Filipino elements throughout the map. There are also some cultural allusions to be found by players with a sharp eye. Frenzied firefighting will be introduced to Early Access Season 1 with the release of Fastlane, a fast-paced mode.

In addition to the three new abilities that were added to the player’s arsenal during the mid-season patch of Season 0, various new skills will allow users to customize their bill in a variety of ways.

Project Xandata

Topping it all off, the Prestige Pass is a season pass designed by Project Xandata. Players can earn fantastic rewards as they progress through the game by spending only 525 in-game X-Diamonds. Alternatively, players may purchase further levels of the Prestige Pass in order to get their hands on the products they desire.

Check out Project Xandata on Steam if you think it’s the right game for you.

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