Games that require us to solve puzzles will always have a special place in our hearts, and the euphoric eureka moments that occur when we do so are a big part of why we keep coming back time and time again to them.

Following the release of their debut game Dying Flame earlier this year, Malaysia’s very own RoundTable Games Studio has made a name for themselves internationally.

Dying Flame made an impression on horror fans with its solid reimagining of classic horror survival mechanics, which was dressed up in graphics inspired by the 16-bit era of video games.

Their most recent project has just been made available as a free-to-play experience on the itch.io platform. In the game Amnesiac Adventurer, players are tasked with exploring the Dungeon of Doubt and figuring out how to get out.

Amnesiac Adventurer is best described as a cross between A Link to the Past and Christopher Nolan’s Memento, thanks to its top-down perspective in the classic Zelda style and its classical fantasy aesthetics.

  • Amnesiac Adventurer
  • Amnesiac Adventurer
  • Amnesiac Adventurer
  • Amnesiac Adventurer

To put it another way, this means that players will have to work their way backwards through the game to solve puzzles, retracing their steps and ‘unsolving’ puzzles as they go.

The player will not be alone on their journey through the many levels of this dungeon, as they will come face to face with a variety of deadly dragons and cunning rogues throughout this hazy adventure.

In developing this game, RoundTable Games Studio is taking a very experimental approach, and they are interested in hearing from players who have already played Amnesiac Adventurer.

If this sounds like the type of game you’re looking for, Amnesiac Adventurer is now available on itch.io.