Project Xandata: A Filipino Multiplayer Shooter Hits Steam Early Access

The PvP portion of Destiny, notably the one included in the original game, will appeal to fans of the series, and the newly launched Project Xandata, which draws heavily upon this underappreciated aspect of Bungie’s masterwork, will be a hit.

A 3v3 first-person shooter with a fast pace and easy to pick up and play mechanics, Project Xandata is being created by Secret 6, a game production team with offices in the Philippines, San Francisco, and Madrid.

What began as a one-man passion project for Secret 6’s Technical Director, Gene Gacho, has grown into a full-scale studio production with the goal of demonstrating what the Philippines’ game development industry is capable of.

Project Xandata immerses players in the realm of Xandaigdig, a sci-fi universe that draws inspiration from Filipino culture. A Xandata is assumed by the player, who will then take part in action-packed team combat that emphasize movement and skill-based gameplay.

Formed of armored soldiers, Xandats employ MagiTech, a combination of magic and technology, to harness and control the power of the elements, which grants them a variety of skills to use in battle.

Project Xandata features a robust customisation mechanism that allows players to play the game exactly how they want. The three classes, Agent, Juggernaut, and Marksman, each have their own set of skills, allowing the player to choose the role that best suits their playstyle.

All classes have access to the same weapons, which creates a level playing field in which success is determined by talent rather than the number of hours put in by the player. Every weapon has 18 possible perk combinations, and players can personalize their loadouts to match the way they like. There are nine weapons in all, with each having 18 possible perk combinations.

In addition, because to an extensive graphic customization system, players can alter the appearance of Xandata on the battlefield as they see fit. Players can make a statement by collecting one-of-a-kind cosmetics, which can be used to frighten opponents or simply appear cool in front of others.

With the high-impact 3v3 format, Secret 6 made sure to emphasize the importance of individual talent and team synergy throughout all of the game modes. The gaming concept is meant to provide a fast-paced gameplay loop that rewards your mastery of mobility as well as your ability to do skill-based activities.

Secret 6 is kicking things off with a very unique launch event, the LFG! Project Xandata Launch Show, to coincide with the release of Project Xandata on March 22 through Early Access on Steam.

The webcast will begin at 6:00 p.m. (Philippine time) on their official Project Xandata Facebook page and will continue until the end of the day. Secret 6 has teamed together with Lenovo Legion, Elgato, and Logitech to offer away some great gifts to future Xandats as a thank you for their support of Secret 6.

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