Even in fantasy worlds, mail delivery is required, which is where the Postknights from Malaysian studio Kurechii come in. The game’s portering squires defend packages from fantastical creatures.

With Postknight 2, the stakes are raised significantly by allowing players to return to this world seven years after the events of the first game took place. Players are given the opportunity to design their own Postknight, who will travel through treacherous trails and deliver mail to colorful characters, each of whom has their own passions and difficulties.

From their beginnings as an inexperienced Postknight Trainee, players must complete delivery quests and pass exams in order to advance through the ranks and achieve the highest rank possible, S-Rank. Players will also have the opportunity to explore the world of Prism and form meaningful relationships with people all over the world.

In Prism, players will experience the diverse cultures and conflicts of various lands, including villages, cities, magical forests, and frigid mountains, among other settings. While we’re on the subject of conflicts, players will have to defend themselves against a variety of adversaries.

The versatile Sword and Shield, the swift dual Daggers, or the powerful two-handed Hammer are among the weapons available to players. Players will have to train to fine-tune their skills with different traits and develop their own playstyles after equipping their weapons.

After nearly a year in Early Access, Postknight 2 is now ready for a full release, which will kick off with a pre-registration period that will allow new players to jump in and earn exclusive in-game rewards before the game goes live.

Many new features were added and improved over the course of the Early Access period as a result of player feedback, with new features such as Achievements, Potion Crafting, Dungeons, Divisions, and Pets helping to further flesh out Postknight 2.

Interested parties can pre-register right now on Postknight 2’s official website, and they can also keep up with the latest news and updates by following the game’s Facebook and Twitter pages.