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Nintendo Switch users can download Pokemon Unite for free. This game will eventually be cross-platform, with iterations launching in September 2021 on Android and iOS devices.
Pokemon Unite released for Nintendo Switch today, iOS and Android this September

Pokémon Unite, which is available now on the Nintendo Switch and will be available on Android and iOS around September 2021, brings the world of pocket monsters to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre. In contrast to other games in the Pokémon franchise, this title does not rely on the strict Pokémon strength and weakness charts that are found in every other game in its universe to function properly. Instead, Pokémon Unite follows the format of other multiplayer online battle arena games, in which timing, spacing, and second-to-second teamwork are critical factors.

The Pokémon Unite beginner’s guide from Polygon will teach you everything you need to know to get started with this Pokémon-themed multiplayer online battle arena. We’ll go over why it’s important to check out the tutorials and options menu, how to choose which Pokémon to unlock first, what the differences between classes are, and why staying in the right lane is critical.



Try to resist the temptation to jump into Pokémon Unite right away. Take the time to go through the game’s six tutorials, which are appropriate for both experienced and new MOBA players. After completing the first few matches, you will be able to participate in live matches, but it is recommended that you complete all of the lessons first.

The tutorials take you through very basic and advanced mechanics that you would not be familiar with if you didn’t go through these brief training exercises first.

The first three tutorials teach you how to attack and score goals, but it is the last three that are the most interesting and entertaining. Using this trio of tutorials, you will learn how attacking different wild Pokémon can alter the outcome of a match. For example, some wild creatures can provide you with buffs, while others can assist you in racking up points much more quickly. These tutorials will teach you how to identify which wild Pokémon to keep an eye out for. You might completely disregard their assistance if you don’t have their assistance.

The tutorials screen in Pokémon Unite


The settings menu in Pokémon Unite

The settings menu isn’t the most exciting place to visit in a game, but given the fast-paced nature of Pokémon Unite, there are some options worth exploring.

Lock-On Icon information screen in Pokémon Unite

Attack Controls is one of the first settings that should be looked at. When you switch to Advanced Control, you will be able to attack two different opposing Pokémon by pressing two different buttons. This setting is critical because the game defaults to an automatic basic attack mode unless you turn it off first. There will be times when you accidentally target a wild Pokémon while attempting to hit an enemy player, or vice versa, and this will happen. Switching to Advanced Controls allows you to maintain greater control over the direction of your basic attacks.

It’s possible that you’ll want to enable the Lock-On Icon as well. The ability to prioritize specific Pokémon to attack is enabled by enabling this setting. The importance of this is magnified in large-scale team battles where you want to concentrate on taking out support Pokémon or powerful but low-health attackers. This is especially true if a large defender Pokémon is standing in your way. It is possible that the controls will attempt to target the more difficult-to-kill defenders before targeting the weaker characters if this option is not enabled. Being able to choose which Pokémon you want to attack allows you to be more precise with your attacks.


As soon as you complete the opening tutorials, you will be awarded with a Unite License, which allows you to unlock a Pokémon. If you’re new to MOBAs, you might be unsure about which of the creatures to choose as your first choice. Each of the options you’re presented with is a fantastic choice for assisting you in learning the finer details of the game’s different classes. In order to participate in a battle, players must first select a single Pokemon with which to battle. Battles are where Pokemon can evolve and learn new moves, and they can also hold special items that enhance their abilities. During a battle, Pokemon can hold up to three items at a time, and there will be “over 15 different types of held items” available when the game launches.

A Unite License screen in Pokémon Unite
  • Pikachu is a ranged attacker who attacks from a distance. In order to overpower and defeat their opponents from a distance, they employ long-range attacks. Pikachu players should walk a fine line between using their strength to play aggressively and knowing when to back off because their low health pools make them vulnerable to being defeated easily. As the tip of the spear, they’ll be the most dangerous players on the team. Choose Pikachu if you want to be the primary source of damage for your team.
  • Eldegoss is a Pokémon that provides support. They use long-ranged attacks to deal damage to their opponents, and their primary goal is to restore the health of their teammates. Eldegloss players should lag behind their more durable teammates because they are low on health. They are critical to the survival of a team, but they will be targeted by opposing players because of their importance to the team’s overall survival. Eldegloss is the character to choose if you want to concentrate on keeping your team alive.
  • Snorlax is a tank type Pokemon. They are extremely effective melee fighters. Because Snorlax players have a large health pool, they should not be afraid to jump into the fray. They are essential in leading the charge in team fights because they can withstand a great deal of punishment, allowing their long-range attacker teammates to pelt enemies from a long distance away. If you enjoy being in the thick of things, Snorlax is the character for you.
  • Charizard is an all rounder. Its abilities allow them to pose a threat at close range as well as at a distance. Charizard players have a high level of damage output and health, so their play style is determined by who is in control of them at any given time. As players progress through the levels, they can select from a variety of skills, which drastically alters the way Charizard fights. Make the choice of Charizard if you want to play as a Pokémon that is capable of standing its ground or going all out.
  • Talonflame is a Pokemon of great speed. Because of their rapid movement, they are able to pose a threat anywhere on the battle arena, regardless of their location. In order to gain experience, Talonflame players want to roam around the arena and take out wild Pokémon as they go. Afterwards, they should pay attention to which of their teammates is in need of assistance and rush in to provide assists or takedowns. Once they have finished, they return to roam and gain more experience, ready to swoop in when the situation calls for it. Talonflame is the class to choose if you enjoy the idea of being a mobile threat who is constantly on the move.

Choosing Charizard is a good option if you’re not sure which Pokémon to start with. They have the greatest amount of flexibility out of all of the options listed above. They are one of the few Pokémon that can undergo evolution transformations, and the skills they learn allow them to create two distinct builds depending on their level of development.


The ability to learn new attacks increases as your character’s level increases throughout the game. Over time, you learn new moves that take the place of the two starting skills you have when you first enter the match. The decisions you make influence how your Pokémon’s combat style evolves throughout the course of the game.

The new skill screen in Pokémon Unite

At levels 5 and 7, your Pokémon will be able to learn new abilities. At these points, you will always be presented with a choice between two options. Each character has a unique set of moves that allow for a variety of gameplay options. For example, Charizard has two sets of moves that either allow them to deal damage over time to areas that they are unable to access or allow them to become an aggressive melee attacker, depending on the situation. You can mix and match which new skills you learn in order to develop your own personal play style.


Each Pokémon performs exceptionally well in a different part of the map. When you are preparing for battle, the game will inform you of which lane is recommended for each Pokémon you have captured.

The Battle Prep screen in Pokémon Unite

When you are finished selecting your Pokémon in the lobby, go to the Battle Prep screen to find out which Map Path you should take to win the battle. When you click on the edit button, you will be shown which lane is the most appropriate for your Pokémon. The top lane is best suited for defenders and some attackers alike. Speedsters should be positioned in the center of the field, while all-rounders are ideal for the flanks.

You are under no obligation to follow these recommendations, but it is recommended that you do so when you are first learning the game to get a feel for it. You should move around the map to assist teammates when the situation calls for it, but the lane recommendations below detail which part of the map each Pokémon is most effective in.

There will be in-game rewards for winning battles, and these rewards will include new Pokemon, outfits for the players’ in-game trainer (avatar), and the ability to summon “Holowear” for their Pokemon. This game will make its money through the sale of “Aeos gems,” which can be obtained through the purchase of real-world money. Aeos gems can be used to unlock rewards as well as to level up your character.

Masaaki Hoshino is the game’s producer, and TiMi Studio Group is responsible for its development. The Pokemon Company will publish the Android and iOS versions of Pokemon Unite, while Nintendo will publish the Nintendo Switch version of the game (as you might have guessed).

A link to the Nintendo Switch version of the game can be found on the Pokemon Unite overview page, which will eventually include links to the iOS and Android versions of the game as well. Again, the Android and iOS versions of the game are scheduled to launch in September of the year 2021 – and we are crossing our fingers that this will be the case!

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