Pinoy Mobile Game ‘Galà’ Takes Players on a Cultural Road Trip

Video games may transport players to new places without them leaving home. What if a video game moved gamers to their own country?

Galà is the independent video game developer kendikorp‘s first attempt at creating a product for sale to the general public. The first-ever Game Development Grant awarded by the Cultural Center of the Philippines allowed the creation of the game to become a reality.

In Galà, players travel to and explore the various regions of the Philippines. While there, they must collaborate with their fellow students to generate ideas and make cultural discoveries, such as learning about the kubing, which is a type of musical instrument, or the legend of the Bakunawa, which is a type of mythological figure.

Galà is the Tagalog word for “traveling” or “wandering around,” which is a fun tidbit to know. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affected children who had not been on a field trip in the previous two years, the game’s production studio got the idea for the game.

Because of this, Galà seeks to give its participants the feeling of being on a field trip without requiring them to really leave their homes. Players will learn about the unique gems that can be found in various places of the Philippines, and it is our aim that this experience would reawaken a feeling of wonder in them while they play the game on their smartphones.

Galà puts the culture of the Philippines at the forefront of its gameplay, whether it be through the education of a local jaw harp that can be found in Muslim Mindanao or through the discovery of myths such as the aforementioned Bakunawa, a serpent-like dragon that is believed to swallow the moon. Both of these aspects are included.