Southeast Asia needs more regional fighting games, and Pinoy developer and publisher Ranida Games is leading the charge. One of their mobile games is coming to PC, a great platform for fighting game fans.

Vita Fighters is a mobile 2D fighting game that features a diverse cast of fighters drawn from anime, pop culture, and classic fighting games. Players will soon be able to witness a new evolution in the game, thanks to the release of a new major update that includes the addition of six new characters and five new levels.

An enormous tournament in which hundreds of rejected fighting game characters compete for the prestigious prize of being accepted into a real triple-A fighting game is the central plot device of the game. Having been nominated for the recent Southeast Asian Game Awards, Vita Fighters has been steadily expanding its roster with new characters each month.

Vita Fighters was developed with intuitive controls and player expression in mind, while maintaining the essence of fighting games at its core. This also boils down to how the characters were created, with all of them incorporating tropes and shorthands from the genre to allow players to quickly determine which characters are best suited to their needs.

Vita Fighters was developed independently by AngryDevs, a member of the Bayani – Fighting Game development team, in his spare time. The result was an intuitive passion project that served as a love letter to the fighting game genre.

As a result of the new fighters added to the roster, the game now features a retired pirate named King, an Olympic gold medalist athlete named Hyde, and a baseball player from the future named Sleve.

Vita Fighters mobile is now available on both the App Store and Google Play, and the game will be released on the PC in 2022 as well. Add it to your Steam wishlist now.