Since the announcement of its postponement earlier this year, Parakacuk, the upcoming high school delinquent simulator developed by Gamecom Team, has seen significant improvements.

Following the release of a demo on Steam, the development team went back to the drawing board and released the 3D platformer Babol The Walking Box in the interim to keep the project alive.

Parakacuk is a fighting game that takes inspiration from Rockstar’s Bully and Sega’s Yakuza series. You play as Budi, who fights his way through rival high school gangs with punches.

A new trailer has been released, providing fans with a fresh look at the enhancements that Gamecom Team has been making to the game over the course of the past 12 months.

Parakacuk has come a long way since its initial demo, with improvements ranging from smoother graphic fidelity to a more refined battle system.

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The game’s English voice acting is also showcased in the new trailer, and while the game may sound a little better in its original Indonesian language, it retains the profanity-laced dialogue that one might expect to hear in a typical Indonesian high school setting.

According to the various cutscenes shown in this trailer, the Gamecom Team has aspirations to make Parakacuk’s presentation as cinematic as possible, and this is clearly demonstrated by the trailer.

Gamecom Team was also recently recognized with the Best Newcomer Game Studio award at the Gamesprime 2021 convention in Los Angeles.

Perhaps a more polished demo of Parakacuk will be released in the near future, ahead of the game’s eventual release in 2022.