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Nintendo’s Official Website Goes Live in the Philippines and Malaysia

Nintendo has announced the launch of two new regional websites in Southeast Asia, as part of its ongoing expansion strategy.

As a sign of the company’s desire to enter and capture the booming gaming market in Southeast Asia, Nintendo launched a Thai-language Nintendo website, as well as an official online store, in December of last year.

This means that Thai gamers will no longer have to deal with fluctuating exchange rates or create special regional accounts in order to take advantage of competitive pricing on Nintendo software and hardware.

The launch of a Singapore-based website by Nintendo, which launched in October of last year, marked the company’s official entry into Southeast Asia.

In a move that is a clear indication of the Japanese company’s push to make further inroads in the region, Nintendo today launched its official website in two more Southeast Asian countries – Malaysia and the Philippines.

Also recently launched by the company are a dedicated official Nintendo SEA YouTube channel and an official Nintendo SEA Facebook page, both of which contain various updates on their upcoming games as well as a slew of new video game trailers.

However, it is unclear whether or not Nintendo intends to launch the Nintendo eShop in Malaysia and Singapore in the near future.