As blockchain video games have grown in popularity, they have expanded to incorporate a wide range of genres and gaming styles. There are an increasing number of options for users to accumulate NFTs through video games, ranging from monster-battling in Axie Infinity to creation-focused games like The Sandbox.

CatNIP Battleverse is a multiplayer arena game in which players utilize an assortment of cats in free-for-all combat, making it a good choice for people seeking for a new NFT game. Each cat is also outfitted with long-range weapons that may be used to take out other felines on the battlefield.

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Players must attempt to survive as long as they possibly can while accumulating points for each kill. A number of new game modes, including traditional arena shooter classics such as team deathmatch and capture the flag, will be included in the near future.

Upon launch, there are a total of 10,013 different NFTs for players to choose from, with each and every NFT being distinct and boasting a unique set of characteristics, strengths, and abilities.

This game is being created by the Catnip World team, which is composed of professionals that have a combined total of more than a decade of experience in the game development business. CatNIP Battleverse is a multiplayer online role-playing game.

Earlier this month, the CatNIP Battleverse video game was released by the team, marking the second time they’ve released a new NFT game centered in the CatNIP universe.

The Catnip World team has plans to develop many more games in the future, with the ultimate goal of creating a CatNIP Multiverse within the Metaverse itself.

It was Axie that achieved success when it came to the introduction of NFT games, according to the Catnip World team, because it was one of the first few crypto NFT games to be created on Ethereum, which was a newly emerging cryptocurrency at the time.

As a result, Catnip World believes that Terra Luna, a new emergent cryptocurrency, has the potential to become the next big blockbuster, especially given the fact that there aren’t many games being developed for the platform yet.

Player-earned NFTs (non-transferable tokens) will be available in CatNIP Battleverse’s play-to-earn mode, which will be used to customize weapon and armour skins. CatNIP Battleverse collection items can also be amassed by players, who can then sell them on the secondary market, according to the game’s producers.

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Battleverse will be released on December 13th, and is now in the process of going through a soft launch period. The game is available for those who are interested in participating in it right here and on the official Discord server.