Netflix has dominated the streaming services sector since its inception several years ago and continues to do so. Since then, the firm has expanded its offerings beyond simply storing material on its platform. They have also created their own content, such as hit shows like Stranger Things, which has become popular. They are now branching out beyond merely films and television series. Netflix is beginning with mobile gaming as a test market.

Netflix just revealed that it is working on creating gaming content. Netflix, on the other hand, indicated in their financial report for the second quarter of this year that they will prioritize mobile games first. In order to accomplish this, the business has recruited former EA official Mike Verdu to work on the project.


In addition, the company has highlighted some of the properties on which it is currently working. Stranger Things will be one of the first games to be released, as will other titles. Furthermore, Netflix users will be able to play the games for free as part of their subscription. However, because the emphasis is still on mobile, only mobile users will be able to access them when they are released.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time Netflix has experimented with interactive content. A special choose-your-own-adventure edition of Black Mirror, titled Bandersnatch, was just released recently by Netflix. Viewers were able to direct the film in accordance with cues displayed on their screens, resulting in them practically creating their own version of the movie. Despite the fact that the film did not serve as a catalyst for the development of the interactive cinema genre, it did change the way Netflix material may be consumed digitally.

With whatever Netflix has in store for the future, the business will almost certainly continue in this vein.