Must Watch Anime on Netflix Right Now (July 2022)

Netflix’s anime offering for the month of July 2022 is now available. Get set go!

Netflix has been steadily adding to its anime library. However, the streamer’s shift in priorities is palpable. Most of its western animation projects have been cancelled, and there has been a significant drop in licensing of classic series and the creation of its own original series. Hopefully, the powers that be will realize that shortchanging the anime audience is not a good idea (or dollars).

For the time being, anime library subscribers will have to be content with a slow drip of new titles, such as the five-episode series Vampire in the Garden, and a return to the goodness found in classic anime series.

Uncle From Another World

Takafumi’s Uncle was hit by a truck and appeared to be in a coma for seventeen years, but he was actually in another world of swords and sorcery during that time! Takafumi takes him in after he awakens in the regular world, realizing that the various magical abilities his Uncle retained may be useful in their daily lives. As their days pass together, Takafumi prompts his Uncle to tell him about his days spent in the other world, and comes to realize that such an adventure might not have been all it was cracked up to be.

BASTARD!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy

The plot is set 400 years after the initial war between dark and light entities shown at the start of the series. The terrible Dark Rebel Army is striving feverishly to restore Anthrasax, the god of devastation. On its way to finally taking over the globe through the power of the Four Divine Kings, the organization falls upon the Kingdom of Metallicana on the Central Metallion Continent.

To save the kingdom from succumbing to the Dark Rebel Army, a young woman named Tia Noto Yoko, the Great Priest’s daughter, faces a difficult choice: resurrect the evil wizard who once attempted to dominate the world. The only problem is that he’s hidden behind her childhood pal, a little boy named Lucien Renren. A virgin’s kiss is required to break the seal, which Yoko bestows on the terrified lad. Dark Schneider, the frightening, strong, and devilishly attractive magician within, awakens. When it comes to defending itself — and keeping the world safe — Dark Schneider is the kingdom’s last resort.

The Orbital Children

The Orbital Children, also known as Extra-terrestrial Boys and Girls, is set in 2045 and follows two children born on the moon and three from Earth. The story takes place on a Japanese commercial space station in outer space (where internet and artificial intelligence are common). This group of kids is stranded after a massive accident with little hope of rescue. They must rely on their wits, limited communications, and what they can find to avoid further disaster…and possibly death.

Record Of Ragnarok

If you like The Seven Deadly Sins, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, or the idea of the gods giving humanity one last chance to prove itself tournament-style, then check out Record of Ragnarok’s twelve episode first season. The pace is perfect for binge-watching, the animation is traditional, and the battles are epic (it’s a race to seven victories out of thirteen rounds). If we must consider our own humanity and face the end, let us do so by watching 13 champions battle their way through the pantheon of gods.

Super Crooks

Super Crooks, based on the four-issue comic series by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu, debuted on the platform in December. The prequel to the comic series follows Johnny Bolt and his gang as they attempt the ultimate heist. This world of super-powered individuals features a slick opening, a simple yet action-packed story full of quips, quirks, interesting characters, and crisp (Studio Bones) visuals. Although it won’t appeal to everyone (if redemption arcs and character growth are your thing, you’ll be disappointed), this 13-episode series was a pleasant 2021 surprise.


Many years ago, an ancient civilization ruled the Earth but was eventually destroyed. They detail how to use the powerful creations they used in messages left for future generations to find. Various factions start looking for mysterious artifacts to use against their enemies. The ARCAM Corporation and their elite squadron of soldiers known as Spriggans stand in their way.