The Monster Hunter Rise PC demo has only recently been made available.

Prospective hunters will be able to participate in three hunting quests of varying difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), as well as a training quest, which will be available in both offline and online modes.

The demo can be downloaded from the Monster Hunter Rise Steam page by clicking on the button that says “Download Demo.” There will be 14 different weapon types available in the Switch version, but with significant visual enhancements such as 4K resolution, improved textures, higher-resolution monsters, improved lighting and weather effects, and more.

For those who prefer a more console-like experience, controller support is still available; however, Monster Hunter Rise on PC also supports mouse and keyboard input as an option. This time around, there’s also built-in voice chat functionality.

Only two tutorial quests and three main quests are included in the demo, so it isn’t overly lengthy. The basics of Wyvern Riding (a new feature in Monster Hunter Rise) will be taught to you after you complete your initial training before embarking on your first real hunt to take down the Great Izuchi. After that, you can face off against the Mizutsune before preparing to face off against the terrifying and fiery Magnamalo.

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If the Monster Hunter World demo is any indication, you should be able to import your save file into the final game when it launches on January 12. However, Capcom hasn’t stated whether or not this will be the case, so stay tuned.

Unfortunately, there will be no crossplay between the Switch and PC versions (at least at launch), so check with your friends before making the switch to the PC version of the game.